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Learn How to Turn Garden Hose Into a Pressure Washer

A power washer means another level of comfort as it keeps the cleaning process nothing more than a cakewalk. Highly effective against dirt, grime, and mold on decks, patio furniture, lawn, wood, and concrete surface,yet buying a power washer can be a whole new episode of hectic storage issues and budget problems. Moreover, not all of us need power washers for professional purposes.

Garden Hose into Pressure Washer

So, what can be the best substitute?

A garden hose power washer. Yes, one can convert the existing garden hose into a power washer and expect the same washing outcome. This process is effective yet does not claim a hopping amount of money or bulky storage.

To know every bit and piece of the process, stay tuned to the following segments.

Can I turn my garden hose into a pressure washer?

Yes, you can turn the garden hose into a power washer, but there are few “IFs” in the process. The power washer either runs by electricity or gas and thus, the final pressure is unmatchable with merely a garden hose.

Mainly a garden hose does not have the same water pressure as the power washers. The highest water pressure outcome from a garden hose might be 40 to 60 psi, but it can be stretched to 80 psi (maximum).

Moreover, both electric and gas pressure washers have pumps that may produce at least 500 to 750 psi water pressure and even a power washer can go up to 4000 psi depending on the brand and model type.

So, the “IFs” is including some pressure washer attachments to increase the PSI rate; Turbo Jet is an excellent option in such cases. By connecting it to the hose can intensify the pressure and make the power washing way more satisfying. In addition, the specific design in Turbo Jet produces precise airflow to create a more powerful jet stream.

Again, a firefighter- or fireman-type nozzle can increase the psi rating to 250 psi; it can also be a good option—an excellent replacement for gigantic power washer models.

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Best 5 High Pressure Hose Attachments

High Pressure Hose Attachments

Steps to Turn Garden Hose Into Pressure Washer

Power washing with a garden hose is now possible with few simple steps.

Necessary Items

  1. Garden hose
  2. Spray gun/ spray nozzle
  3. Faucet

Step by Step Process

1. Examine the hose properly

Examine the hose

First, scrutinizing the garden hose is the first and foremost part of the process—especially the bottom of the hose, which is screwed onto the faucet. Next, check out the fittings, washer, and overall length.

The rubber washer must not have cracks or kinks as cracked rubber washers tend to cause leakage and reduce water pressure

Note: If the rubber washer is cracked, remove it with a flat head screwdriver. And install a new one that fits the garden hose using your fingers

Also, the hose must be within a certain length; the longer the hose is, the less the water pressure will be. Conversely, smaller hoses can increase the water flow, and eventually, the water pressure starts accelerating.

Diameter is also another factor to consider; larger diameters are preferable for potent jet streams or simply for increased water pressure. Unfortunately, the diameter is not universal in garden hoses. There are different diameters available; the smallest one is 1/4″, and 5/ 16″ is considered the medium diameter.

2. Purchasing the Best Nozzle

Finding a proper nozzle is the most crucial part of the process; the nozzle cannot be too small or too large. Extremely small nozzles are likely to damage the surfaces, and larger nozzles cannot clean tough spots. And must be built with durable materials to maintain the life expectancy of the hose power washer.

Turbo Jet could be the one-stop solution for any hose to be converted into a powerful power washer. Even the brand itself claims that it can turn any garden hose into a high pressure washer. The whole package includes Turbo Jet, 1 Jet-Stream Nozzle, and 1 Fan-Spray Nozzle, which makes it effective for multiple cleaning. From cleaning 2nd windows, mold from vinyl sidings, and dirt from anywhere to cleaning the hardest corners, this spray excels in all.

3. Connect the Hose with the Spray Nozzle

Connect one side of the garden hose with the Turbo Jet spray nozzle and the other side to the faucet. The connecting process is essential. Read the manual of the sprayer thoroughly and connect accordingly. And scrutinize the hose and faucet connection as any mistake can lead to a serious leakage.

Here’s a quick video on how to connect a Hose:

4. Maintain Short Distance

Keep the distance between the faucet and the target area as short as possible. A short length means you will need a smaller hose and a longer distance suggests a longer hose (a shorter pipe is good for more high water pressure). If possible, set the faucet inside the lawn to retain the length.

5. Adjust the Turbo Jet Nozzle Beforehand

Most of the reputed brands provide multiple adjustment options; water flow and shape adjustments are the primary ones. Users must adjust these settings before usage for more excellent safety.

For any surface, not all the time, high water pressure is needed. Thus it is advised to check the water flow before applying it directly to the surfaces. Delicate things such as vinyl or windows can easily be damaged due to high water pressure. Again, tough stains or mold on concrete need higher pressure to be wiped away.

It is also wise to use a wider spray setting for cleaning fragile items such as car windows or wood house ceilings and furniture. Again, robust targets such as concrete or stone, compact fan, or pinpoint spray shape are highly effective.

Now, you are all set to use your own garden hose power washer.

Pro tip: keep checking the garden hose after regular intervals to prevent any leakage. At the same time, while using the pinpoint spray mode, always safety glasses to avoid any potential harm.

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No doubt the outcome won’t be anything compared to any gas or electric pressure washer, yet the hose pressure washer will be more than enough and can be an apt substitute. From saving money to saving space from the bulky pressure washer machine, this process needs the least effort and provides a fantastic deal for your power washing desires.

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