The 3 Best Munbyn Thermal Shipping Label Printers

Thermal best shipping label printers are a great tool to have when printing out your shipping labels. Thermal printing is more affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly than the traditional inkjet printer. Furthermore, thermal printers are faster in printing.

If you’re looking for a Thermal Shipping Label Printer, this article will help you find the best 3 Thermal Labeling Printers that are available on the market today!

Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer: Our Top 3 Picks

Our recommended top 3 Thermal shipping label printers by Munbyn for shipping labels are-



Key Feature


White Thermal Shipping Label Printer

MUNBYN 150mm/s 4x6 Desktop USB Thermal Shipping Label Printer

Automatic label identification

White and black Thermal Shipping Label Printer

MUNBYN 300 DPI USB Thermal Label Printer

High resolution

MUNBYN Shipping Label Printer, [Upgraded 2.0] 

Save money and space

Can all thermal printers print shipping labels?

Thermal shipping labels printer can work as a barcode printer and can print QR codes, text, and even high-resolution images. This printing uses heat to transfer ink from a ribbon or cartridge onto paper, which is why it’s also known as Direct Thermal Label Imaging Technology.

Thermal printers are the most common variety of business printers because they’re easy to use and maintain while staying highly affordable for any business or organization.

These shipping printers are used in various industries, including shipping, retail, and finance. It’s because they can print items like adhesive labels, generic labels, receipts, address labels or mailing labels, ID labels, price tags, and warehouse labels quickly while maintaining high durability.

Thermal printing technology works by heating up a particular type of coating on the surface of Thermal transfer paper (TTR). Thermal printers then use this heat to print product labels by creating images and text on printed items.

When you command your computer to print something, it sends information about what you want to be printed out and where to place characters and images in the background. This is called raster data, which is just a collection of pixels, also known as raster graphics.

Who should buy a Thermal shipping label printer?

Thermal shipping labels printers are an excellent investment for any business that ships out products frequently. This device uses heat to print barcodes and text onto labels, which means they can print thousands of times without ever having to change the ink cartridge!

  • Resellers: The best shipping label printers are a great investment for resellers, who need to print custom labels for thousands of products. Thermal printing is not only cheaper long term, but it’s also faster than other shipping printer types!
  • Manufacturer: Thermal printing is easily one of the best options available to manufacturers- especially those that ship out large quantities. The best shipping label printer is an investment, but if you’re printing thousands of labels at a time, Thermal is the better choice.
  • Wholesalers: Thermal printers are perfect for wholesalers that ship out thousands of items per month. Thermal label printer for shipping cartridges don’t need replacing as often, and thermal printing is faster than other printers!
  • Amazon FBA business owners: Thermal printing is the best choice for FBA business owners. These printers can print thousands of times without having to replace ink, which means you’ll save money in the long run!

Best 3 Munbyn Thermal Shipping Label Printers Review

#1 MUNBYN 150mm/s 4×6 Desktop: Best label printer for shipping

MUNBYN white and black Thermal Shipping Label Printer

MUNBYN 150mm/s 4×6 Desktop USB Thermal Shipping Label Printer is the first version of their label printer.

The key features are:

  • One minute to set up: No drivers needed. Just plug into a USB port, and you are ready to print. Therefore, money and time saver.
  • Easy to use: An easy-to-use best shipping label printer for your bulk mailing labels needs. It has only one button on it, an effortless operation with a single hand. The clear LCD screen displays additional information about the printing status or error conditions.

The compact size makes this label printer a perfect choice for home offices, small businesses, retail stores, and so on.

  • Multi-compatibility: MUNBYN Shipping Labels Thermal Printers are a full-featured Windows application that makes designing labels fast & easy. You can create address labels with any contents you want: name, company logo, product barcode, food nutrition labels, etc..

It’s a thermal direct label printer and can print directly to most thermal label printers, including the MUNBYN Label Printer.

  • Automatic label identification: Auto-detects or automatic label identification is a type of printer. It provides printing functions for all popular labeling applications.
  • Compatible with: Shopify, Etsy, eBay, FedEx, Amazon, FedEx, UPS.


  • Very easy to use
  • USB connection, plug, and play
  • Printing shipping labels speed up to 150 mm/s


  • Cannot print larger label size

#2 MUNBYN 300 DPI USB Thermal Label Printer

MUNBYN white and black Thermal Label Printer

MUNBYN 300 DPI Desktop USB Thermal Shipping Label Printer is the second version of their label printer.

The key features are:

  • High resolution: MUNBYN 300 dpi USB thermal paper label printer prints shipping labels, name tags, and barcode labels.
  • One minute set up: Easy to set up in just one minute with no drivers required, the MUNBYN shipping label printer is compatible with Windows and Mac systems.
  • Environmentally friendly: The MUNBYN label printer for shipping is designed to reduce paper usage and has a built-in cutter for easy recycling.
  • Built-in paper bin/label holder: The MUNBYN shipping label printer has a built-in thermal paper bin or label holder, which means one less thing to carry.
  • Low cost: Inexpensive and cost-effective, can reduce costs by up to 72% compared to traditional labels, and saves on expensive ink cartridges that need changing regularly.
  • Quick & reliable: It is a reliable label printer that prints labels of around 30 meters per minute and prints labels up to 30 meters of shipping labels on a single roll.
  • High quality: It is designed to produce high-quality prints with clear and crisp images with 300 dpi resolution for sharp, bright colors.
  • Compact: Its lightweight, compact design fits easily into your pocket or bag, making it convenient to take on business trips or vacations.
  • User-friendly software: You can download free software from some websites, making printing shipping labels quick and easy for Windows users.
  • Tag sort sticky labels: If you are planning to purchase this product, do not forget to check out the selection of ‘tag sort sticky labels’ with built-in barcode labels that are compatible with the MUNBYN Shipping Label Printer.

  • label printer for shipping
  • , [Upgraded 2.0]

    MUNBYN Pink Shipping Label Printer

    The MUNBYN Shipping Label Printer, [Upgraded] is the latest version of their label maker. This one has upgraded printing labels resolution and can print within a second!

    The key features are:

    • Upgrade version 2.0: ITPP941 pink best thermal label printer comes with a unique USB Flash Disk, and the disk comes with How-to-Videos, Printer Driver, User Manual, FAQs. Also, it has A USB-C adapter for windows and Mac systems. It is a commercial grade label printer.
    • One minute to set up: The unique USB flash disk makes printer settings easy. This best thermal label printer is perfect for small businesses and is a time saver.
    • Save money and space: P941 printer can easily DIY stickers and logos with colored thermal label papers for your business. Not just 4×6 shipping labels. With no ink, the thermal label will save you money. Its pink and compact figure will free up your drive space.
    • Super compatibility: This high-speed label maker will support all major shipping platforms, including- eBay, UPS, FedEx, Esty, Shipworks, Shopify, Easyship, ShipGator, Shippo, Shippingeasy, Ordoro, PayPal, Endicia Dazzle, OrderCup, StockX, Shipwire, XPS Ship, etc.
    • Computer system support: MUNBYN label printer is compatible with both Windows (7 and newer) and macOS(10.11 and newer) computers. It is suitable for any direct thermal labels from 1.57″ to 4.3″ broad without any restriction on the label height—ideal for 4″ x 6″ shipping labels.
    • Lifetime protection: MUNBYN provides free lifetime customer support for any product issues via live chat, phone calls, and emails, even remote-desktop operations support as you need. Therefore, it is a reliable printer.
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    Things to Look for Before Buying a Thermal Shipping Label Printer

    Ease of Installation

    The first thing you need to do is ensure that the Thermal shipping label printer comes with a thorough and easy-to-follow installation guide. In most cases, this involves plugging the device into your computer or network system through USB or Ethernet cables.

    You will also want it to be compatible with your operating system (ex: Windows XP). The installation disk will work with all modern versions of Windows (including Vista and Windows 2000).

    Ease of Use

    Thermal shipping label printers are simple to use, but you should look for one that comes with a relatively easy-to-use interface and supported labels. You can find this information in product descriptions or customer reviews on

    The more difficult the Thermal shipping label printer is to use, the more likely you will have a problem with it.

    Printing Speed

    You should look for the best thermal label printers that can print at least 100 mm per second. Some high-quality models come with variable printing speeds – but if they do not advertise this fact or give you the option to change it, then they are not worth your time.

    Print Resolution

    The best thermal label printers come with different printing resolutions (also called DPI). The higher the number is for this specification, the sharper and more detailed your warehouse labels will be.

    You should look for models that can print at least 300 dots per inch if you want high-quality, commercial grade labels.

    Printing Type

    If you need your Thermal shipping label printer to print barcode labels or QR codes, then it is important that the product comes with this feature (and it should be clearly advertised as such).

    The best thermal printers can only print standard text and graphics like ‘Self Adhesive Labels’ – these will not work if you need to make QR codes.


    Thermal label printers are either desktop or stand-alone, meaning that you will use them on their own for printing labels or forms for other uses (such as filling out paperwork). If you need the form printing feature, then look for a model that can do it – but if not, buy one that prints shipping labels.

    Power Source

    Thermal printers are powered in different ways depending on the model you buy. However, there are three main types of power sources for one shipping label printer device.

    First is AC adapters (these run off household electricity). Second are batteries (these allow the printers to be used anywhere). And finally, use USB ports, or external power supplies supported labels printer specifically. 

    Make sure your model comes with one of these features if you need it – otherwise, go for an AC adapter printer or a battery-powered device.

    Label Costs

    Best shipping label printers come in a wide range of prices depending on the model and manufacturer. For home use, you can find devices that cost as little as $50. But if you want to print barcodes or QR codes, make sure it has this feature (and these printers will be around $100).

    If you need your thermal label printer to work with a network, then look for one that is around $200. If you want to print high-quality warehouse labels or forms on paper, the price will be closer to $300 – and if you need it to work with mobile devices as well, then expect prices of more than $500.


    Thermal printers are often relatively small devices, with most being less than a foot long. They are also relatively lightweight – so if you need to carry it around or mount it on the wall in your office, then this will not be an issue.

    But look for one as small and light as possible if you want something portable (and keep size and weight considerations in mind when shopping for a stand-alone printer).

    Maximum Label Size

    Thermal printers are available in two different types of print widths – one is the Maximum label size or width, which refers to how wide your label can be.

    For shipping labels for home or small business use, you should look for commercial grade models with a maximum label size of about 100 mm (about four inches) or less. If you need to make shipping labels wider than this, consider buying one of the wide-format thermal printers (which can be found in print widths up to 203 mm).

    Power Consumption

    Look for a Thermal printer with low power consumption when shopping, especially the battery-powered one. In general, the maximum power consumption should be about 15 watts or fewer.


    These are all good shipping printers. Do not forget to check each of them out before deciding which Thermal printer is the best choice for you & your home or business needs! Thanks again, and we hope this guide has helped you find the best shipping label thermal printer for your particular situation. Best of luck!

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