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The Best Power Banks 20000 mAh of 2022 – Everything You Need To Know!

The wide popularity and demand of smartphones, tablets, notepads and other digital devices have enhanced the need for reliable charging devices.  Moreover, the need for such charging devices increased rapidly with the rising demand to stay connected and online all the time. Uninterrupted connectivity has become extremely important, whether you are working from home or going on a leisure trip. 

Power banks are one of the most reliable and easiest ways to juice up your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The power banks create a huge difference in either accomplishing your creativity plans in professional life or implementing your ideas in adventurous trips via fast charging. 

However, finding a reliable and most suitable power bank for your smartphone or laptop is not an easy task. Therefore, this review has put together a list of the five best power banks with 20000 mAh. All of the enlisted power banks are reliable, compact, portable, and capable of charging multiple devices at the same time.  They also offer greater charging lengths and efficiency over 10000mAh power banks.

Top 5 best 20,000 mAh Power Banks: 

Here is the list of the best five 20000 mAh Power banks built for uninterrupted charging of your devices and staying connected while traveling, hiking, or camping. 

Power Banks



Number of charging ports on power bank

Recharge Speed


Bear Grylls Power Bank 20000mAh



7 hours

Anker Powercore Power Bank 26800mAh



6 hours

Anker Powercore III Power Bank 20000mAh



4.5 hours

NiteCore Power Bank 20000mAh



2.75 hours

Belkin Power Bank 20000mAh




The Best Power Bank with Type-C USB Laptop Charging-Bear Grylls 20,000 Power Bank

Bear Grylls Power bank can be your ideal travel partner due to its Type-C USB Laptop Charging (20V/36W) which makes it compatible with any Type-C USB MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro, or any other Type-C USB laptop. Therefore, it is a perfect power bank to carry along with you easily whether you are planning for hiking, camping, or enjoying a music festival during your holidays. 

Bear Grylls Power Bank 20000mah
Credit: Amazon

Apart from compatibility, the Type-C USB also promises to charge your laptops at a faster speed compared to any other power bank. Moreover, the provision of 4 -USB ports allows you to recharge your iPhones or smartphones simultaneously. Having a capacity of charging up to 5 devices simultaneously, this power bank has been designed to keep you connected all time even during traveling. 

Its ultra-compact design and smallest footprint of 108mm x 90mm x 32mm make it easy to carry and easy to handle. Bear Grylls also offers waterproof carry cases which further make it a worth choosing option for travelers. 

Therefore, all of you looking for a portable charger offering maximum compatibility options must have it within your travel bag. 

Compatible with a variety of laptops
Offers faster charging
Can charge five devices simultaneously
Water-resistant case
Ultra-compact size
Build with high-quality material
Safe to use for your devices
Has few technical issues, as the power bank did not turn off when the cable was plugged out

The Best Fast-Charging Power Bank- Anker PowerCore 20000mAh Power Bank

The Power bank by Anker PowerCore is the best choice for those who prefer fast charging devices due to their busy schedules. Anker uses a unique combination of Anker’s Voltage Boost technologies and Power IQ to guarantee the fastest charging ever for all non-quick charge devices including Apple tablets, phones, and Android devices. 

Anker PowerCore power bank 20000mah
Credit: Anker

The battery has more than 20,000 mAh of capacity and ensures to charge your phones at a 6 times greater speed. You can charge up to three devices simultaneously at a faster speed with this power bank.

In addition to this, its recharge timing is also two times faster than other power banks. The dual input ports offer a maximum input of 4A which promises to fully charge your power bank in just 6 hours. 

The ultra-superior system for protecting you and your devices, the compact size, and the lightweight nature are some other advantages of having an Anker PowerCore Power bank. 

Therefore, all of you who prefer the fastest speed charging without compromising their connectivity must try it. 

Compact and lightweight
Two times faster recharging
Can charge the majority of phone six times faster
Superior safety
Can charge 3 devices simultaneously
It may get damaged if dropped by mistake

The Best Supercharging and Recharging Power Bank-Anker PowerCore III 20,000 Power Bank

Anker PowerCore III has been designed especially to provide supercharging and recharging speed to all travellers and adventurers. All of you looking for a connected trip must not ignore this power bank. 

Anker PowerCore III power bank 20000mah
Credit Anker

The supercharging speed is primarily because of Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ 3.0 technology within a 45W USB-C port that allows you to charge 3 devices at high speed. The customers have reported that it charges an iPhone 11 four times faster and iPad Pro 11 one and a half times faster. Moreover, the use of a dual 12W USB-A port and USB-C Port helps you to charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously.

Apart from supercharging speed, the Anker PowerCore III also promises to offer super recharging capacity as your power bank is recharged in only 4.5 hours. This spectacular recharging capacity is attributed to the presence of a USB-C Power Delivery wall charger. 

Another auspicious feature is the provision of a blue-colored LED light wheel that helps users to see the battery level while charging and recharging. 

Therefore, all of you searching for the superfast charging and recharging Power bank should never give a second thought to Anker PowerCore III. Once you buy it, the decent travel pouch, 18 months guarantee, friendly customer services, and spectacular performance are alluring enough to amaze you. 

Sleek body Portable
Can charge up to 3 devices
High-speed charging and recharging
Protects you and your devices through an ultra safety system
18 months warranty
Friendly customer services
Will not charge a USB-C laptop

The best Ultra Lightweight Power Bank – NiteCore 20000 Power Bank 

NiteCore power bank is popular for packaging superpower in a lightweight packet. The huge power of 20000mAh is enclosed within a solid Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer(CFRP) hollow frame and case which not only makes it 27% lighter than other power banks but also provides high strength and protection to the cells. 

NiteCore power bank 20000mah
Credit: NiteCore

The lightweight, ultra-compact, and minimalistic design make it perfect to slip rightly within your pocket whether you are camping, hiking, or filming. It acts as an ultimate backup battery charger by accessing power anytime anywhere. It is also a valuable addition to your emergency kit as well. 

What else do you expect from a power bank while traveling? Yes, durability and safety are some other important features that customers look for in such products. The carbon fiber case not only makes it lightweight and compact but also transforms it into abrasion and puncture resistance. And this case also promises protection against short circuits, overcharging, and overheating. 

Moreover, it has three USB/USB-CQC output ports that make it compatible with different electronics and enable you to charge these electronics at a faster pace. It is also considered an ultimate charger for both laptops and notebooks due to the up-gradation of USB-C output to 45W. 

So what are you waiting for? The Nitecore power bank is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a high-power yet easy-to-carry power bank. Therefore, it is a worth-trying power bank. 

Lightweight and Ultra Compact
Durable and safe
Charges smartphones, laptops and other devices at a faster pace
Offers intelligent thermal protection
It possesses sharp edges and corners, therefore, can be dangerous for your feet, if slipped accidentally. 

The Best Boost Charge Power Bank-Belkin 20,000 Power Bank: 

The power bank by Belkin has been designed especially for boosting the charging capacity of your laptop and other mobile devices. Belkin with huge power of 20000mAh offers 28 additional hours of battery life to your iPad, 77 hours of additional battery life for iPhone, and 20 hours for MacBook. 

Belkin power bank 20000mah
Credit: Belkin

Buying Belkin 20,000 Power bank will allow you to stay charged and connected for days whether you are travelling for work or leisure without plugging into a wall outlet. 

It has two ports i.e., one USB-C port can charge your MacBook at up to 30W while another USB-A port can charge a smaller device like a smartphone at up to 12W. 

These ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time with incredible speed. A compatible iPhone can charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes. The ultra-speed of this power bank is because of its USB-IF-Certified cable. 

Therefore, if any of you are looking for an uninterrupted and reliable power supply for your devices that can boost the charging capacity of your devices, then no power bank is better than Belkin.

Boost the charging capacities of devices
Can charge two devices at the same time
Good quality & safety
The battery size is not allied at airlinesLittle heavy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is mAh in terms of power bank?

mAh stands for milliampere per hour and it is the unit for estimating the energy storage capacities of power banks. It tells how long a battery will last when its power is used constantly. 

  1. How much mAh is good in the case of a power bank?

A power bank having four times greater power than the battery is considered a good power bank. For instance, if your battery has a power of 2500 mAh then your power bank must be more than 10,000 mAh. 

  1. Which power bank is the best in the US?

The best power bank may vary depending upon your priorities. In case, if fast charging speed and durability are your priority, then the Nitecore power bank is the best option.  

  1. What is the highest power bank capacity?

The highest power bank capacity is 41,600 mAh which is offered by P-MEGA. It packs the largest capacity of 41,600 mAh within a lithium-ion battery cell and possesses more than six USB output ports for charging all smartphones and other devices at the same time. 

  1. Does the power bank damage your mobile?

Power bank rarely damages your mobile while charging. However, you must consider the following factors while charging your mobile through portable power banks. 

  • The capacity of the power bank must be higher than the capacity of your device
  • Always consider the voltage rating of your phone before buying a portable power bank. For example, smartphones usually have a voltage rating of 5V, therefore, a power bank less than 5V is not suitable for charging your phone
  • You should also consider the input rating of your device. For instance, most of the devices have an input rating of 1 or 2 A. thus, if your phone draws 1 A current at 5V then your power bank must have a rating of 5V/1A otherwise, it will explode your battery in worst cases

As long as you are taking these considerations seriously, you can safely charge your devices with portable power banks. 

  1. Is the power bank allowed in airplanes?

Power banks should be carried in hand luggage instead of checked luggage. Moreover, for carrying it within the airplane, the power bank must have a capacity of less than 100 Wh. For carrying a power bank greater than 100Wh, you need to take approval from the administration.  


In conclusion, the enlisted power banks are compact, portable, lightweight, and easy to carry whether you are on a leisure trip or working from home. The uninterrupted charging through these power banks allows you to stay connected all the time and ensure reliability while charging. 

Therefore, for any of you searching for a reliable power bank with large capacities capable of charging or boosting your device, then you can safely select any power bank from the given list. 

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