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Best Star Light Headliner Kit – DIY Guide!

The night sky enlightened with the moon, stars, and meteors has always been fascinating for many of us. Most of us spent our childhood nights counting stars visible in the night sky bringing peace and calm.

Many people want to bring this same feeling into their cars or even homes.

Enlightening your cars with the stars like a Rolls Royce has never been easier with the availability of starlight headliner kits. The starlight headliner kits are an amazingly simple and cost-effective way to transform the roofs of your cars into a perfect night sky vision. Moreover, it also improves the safety provisions specifically while driving at night. 

The article has put together the best starlight headliner kits after meticulous research and provided all relevant information that a buyer must-have. 

With all the information provided, it will become quite easier for you to decide on what to choose, how to choose, and where to choose from. 

Let’s get started!

What is a Starlight Headliner Kit?

Starlight Headliners are fascinating Roller-Royce personalized material for headliners of your cars. The kits available in the market are designed to transform the roof of your car into a night sky full of stars. 

starlight headliner kit
Credit: Amazon

The kits are composed of fiber optics which are adjusted finely within the leather perforated sheet and brighten the entire car upon installation. The kit promises to transform the ambiance of the entire car. The control of this star light headliner is present within the front passenger compartment and you can adjust the brightness according to your preferences. 

Why use the Starlight Headliner Kit?

Bored of simple roofs within your cars? Or looking for something to give a unique and personalized look to your car? Then the Starlight headliner kit is the most cost-effective option for you. The reasons that may inspire you to buy a Starlight headliner kit for your car’s roof are

  1. Enjoying a particular ambiance within your car
  2. Differentiating your cars from others
  3. Increasing the resale value of your car
  4. Adding safety while driving a car at night

Moreover, starlight headliner kits also act as an amazing DIY project and you can easily enjoy a differentiated look of your car roof especially if you love to work on your car or home theater. 

What Aspects Should You Consider In The Star Headliner Kit?

The Starlight headliner kit is the most simple and inexpensive way to give a classic Roll Royce ceiling lights look. However, there are a large number of starlight headliner kits available in the market and it becomes really difficult to identify which kit is best for your car.

Don’t worry, we have duly taken care of your worries and gathered all important aspects/factors to be considered when buying starlight headliner kits for your car. These factors are 

1. Length of Fiber Optics Cable

The first thing to consider while buying a starlight headliner kit is the length of the fiber optics cable. This is because length is going to determine whether your whole car roof is covered or not. In some cases where people do not consider this factor often end up covering half their roofs. 

The fiber optic cables are available in varying lengths and diameters to fulfill the needs of various types and sizes of cars.

Generally, the length of optic fiber varies from 6.5 feet to 16.5 feet. For instance, in the case of smaller cars, 6.5 feet of fiber optic cable is enough whereas 9-16.5 feet of cable will be required for larger cars. 

In addition to length, starlight headliner lights are also available in varying diameters, and purchasing varied lights will allow you to get the most out of your starlight headliner kit. This is because the use of varied lights will help you to give a three-dimensional effect with varying light intensities. It appears as if large stars are more intense and closer while smaller stars are further away. 

2. Source of light

The source of light is also referred to as the light engine of starlight headliners. It consists of bright LEDs that produce light through the fiber optic strand and appear across your headliner. 

A few light engines also possess a twinkle motor. The motor is a metal disc that has different holes that spin to interrupt light patches and generate twinkling effects across the end of fiber optics. 

The power output of the light source can vary from 6 W to 50 W. The power output defines the number of lights required to light your car and a 6 W power source may consist of 150-200 lights. 

The stronger the power output, the greater lights it will have and the brighter will be your car’s roof.  Therefore, you must choose the kit with a power output that is enough to lighten up your whole headliner adequately. 

3. Quantity of Fiber Optics

The fiber optics within the starlight headliner kit is installed within the fabric of your vehicle’s roof and powered by a light source hidden somewhere within the car. Big cars like full-size Sedans possess large headliners, therefore need an increasing quantity of fiber optics or stars for covering the entire space and vice versa. 

Some other things to consider include:

  • Compatibility of the kit with Bluetooth of the smartphone
  • Light source of your kit whether it is fiber optics or LED lights
  • Whether you want a kit mimicking stars, shooting stars, meteors, or any other object within the night sky
  • What type of lights you want i.e., red, blue, green or white

Best Star Light Headliner Kits:

Star Light Headliner

Power Output

Best Feauture


Firework RGBW 10 W Starlight Headliner Kit


Offers different colors and patterns

Azimom RGBW 10W Starlight Headliner Kit


Twinkle and sound-activated function

AKEPO RGBW 32W Starlight Headliner Kit


Perfect roof cover in case of large vehicles

CHINLY RGBW 16 W Starlight Headliner Kit


Multicolor and music mode

Here is the list of the best starlight headliner kits that have been enlisted to fulfill the needs and preferences of varying types and sizes of cars. A brief comparison of these kits is given below to give you a short overview of all products and decide on what type of product you want to pursue your car. 

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Firework RGBW 10W Starlight Headliner Kit – The Best Multicolor And Multi-Pattern Star Light Headliner Kit

The multicolor headliner light by Fireworks promises to give your car or room a romantic and beautiful look through a starry sky. By offering different colors and patterns, the Firework headliner light gives you different options to transform the ambiance of your car or room.  

headliner lights
Credit: Amazon

The varying colors and patterns are offered with the help of high-quality LEDs that are non-conductive, safe, waterproof, and durable. 

With the new upgrade, you can easily control it through Bluetooth App, music mode, and remote control. The light engine, when controlled via an App, has a variety of colors, modes, and music control functions as compared to other control modes including remote and music.

Having Firework starlight headliner kits means you are fully equipped to enjoy eight inert colors i.e., red, blue, green, pure white, mixed white, cyan, yellow, and purple. Moreover, it also provides you with different patterns and you can choose them according to your mode while driving the car.  The brightness and speed of the stars are also adjustable with the control modes. 

Thus, any of you who want to decorate his/her car roof with a starry sky having different colors and patterns must consider the Firework starlight headliner kit. 

Easy to install
Good customer service
Spectacular look and quality
The Bluetooth connection sometimes interrupts

Azimom RGBW 10W Starlight Headliner Kit – The Best Sound-Activated Star Light Headliner Kit

Azimom Starlight fiber-optic headliner kit has received incredible global ratings because of its unique twinkle and sound-activated feature. 

The glittery sky is equally suitable to give a fresh, romantic, and cinematic vibe to your car, home, or indoor KTV. 

star lights for car
Credit: Amazon

You can enjoy both your favorite music and flashing lights either in your KTV room or in the car while driving with only little effort. 

Azimom’s light source is a built-in twinkle and sound-activated function that works on the principle of light reflection in fibers made up of plastic. 

Though the source of light is not water-proof, however, keeping it in a dry place makes it work spectacularly. 

The Kit is easy to use and easy to install and comes with a 2-year warranty and if handled with care possesses a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours. 

Azimom Starlight headliner kit is, therefore, the best choice for those who are fond of music and love to dance with the beat of the music and flashing lights. 

Easy to use and install
Twinkle and sound-activated function
Perfect starry sky look
Sometimes the twinkle feature gets stuck

AKEPO RGBW 32W Starlight Headliner Kit – The best Star Light Headliner Kit for Large spaces: 

The capability of lighting the large spaces with its powerful power output of 32W is the most auspicious feature of this kit. No matter whether you have a Minivan or Sedan, the way the kit covers your vehicle’s roof will make you fall in love with them. 

headliner star lights
Credit: Amazon

Another interesting feature that made me a fan of the AKEPO starlight headliner kit is the remote 

signal receiver and Bluetooth app signal antenna that allows you to stop worrying about the remote control. The only thing you have to do is connect the light engine via Bluetooth. 

Moreover, multi-colors and modes and adjustable brightness enable you to create your customized starry sky that gives a new zeal on your way to home, office or mountains for leisure. 

All of you looking for a starlight headliner kit to transform the roofs of their big size vehicles must never ignore the AKEPO starlight headliner kit.

Perfectly covers the roofs of big vehicles
The length of fiber optics is customizable
Excellent quality
Good customer service
Waterproof cables
Very heavy 

CHINLY RGBW 16 W Starlight Headliner Kit – The Best Colorful And Sound Activated Star Light Headliner Kit

CHINLY headliner kit is popular for its multi-color and sound-activated feature. It allows you to choose any color from 16 million colors within the color wheel on the app. And the stars begin flashing with beats of varying sounds, thus giving a romantic and peculiar look to your car or room. 

Some of the other options that outclass this headliner kit from others may include flash, fade, and breath mode which allows you to enjoy different types of the night sky while driving to your favorite place with your partner or family. 

The brightness and speed of stars are also adjustable and allow you to create a world of your own that you will love. 

The use of safe, non-conductive, flexible, and waterproof material, flawless color endearing, and long lifetime are some other propitious features. 

Therefore, any of you looking for a multicolor and sound-activated headliner kit must consider the CHINLY headliner kit. 

Colorful and sound-activated
Adjustable speed and brightness
Ideal applications
The projector is not waterproof

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DIY Guide for Installing Headliner Lights

Starlight headliner lights can act as an interesting DIY project. The simple steps through which you can install a starlight headliner easily are as below: 

fiber optic headliner
  1. Firstly remove the roof/headliner of your car
  2. Now install the generator of light and mark patterns
  3. In the next step, you have to count how many cables are there in your kit and then accordingly drill holes across your car’s roof
  4. Now it’s the time to fix the fibers within the holes
  5. Once the fibers are fixed, trim the fibers that are longer than the car’s roof
  6. Wire the cables with the generator adequately 
  7. You can also put a sponge or leather on the backside of the roof as it will enhance the life of fibers
  8. Done! Enjoy a night starry sky within any type or size of your car

Conclusion – Final Thoughts!

To conclude, the enlisted best starlight headliner kits have been selected because of the high global ratings and rave customer reviews. 

Therefore, any of you looking for a star light headliner kit either for your small or large vehicles can safely pick any of the enlisted headliner kits and enjoy a customized starry night sky while driving with your friends or family. 

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