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SKF vs Timken vs MOOG Wheel Bearings (Comparison with Buying Guide)

Whether you are particularly an automobile enthusiast or a random driver, nothing can be more pleasing than a frictionless and noiseless controlled driving experience to any driver. And have you any idea regarding the silent hero that hushes friction, noise, and tire wear?

Well, Wheel Bearings is the answer. These are basically steel balls, composed together by a metal ring and connects the wheel and the axle.

There are multiple brands available in the market, but in this content, we will focus on the three most talked about brands-SKF, Timken, and MOOG. Though both three excels in their respective manufactured products yet, they have individual fortes.

For instance, Timken comes at an affordable price point yet serves better than SKF, which is quite higher in price than Timken. Again, MOOG being slightly more expensive than both these brands also is more effective and performance-driven.

While SKF is suitable for fewer vehicle models, Timken is quite the universal one, and even MOOG cannot beat Timken when it comes to model compatibility.

These are just the highlights; the following content includes:

  • Quick Description of the Brands
  • In-depth review of the best wheel bearings and hub assembly (even we have one editor’s favorite choice)
  • Comparison Chart
  • Buying guide

SKF vs Timken vs MOOG Bearings Comparison Chart







Sensor Availability

Sensor monitoring for speed, linear or rotating components

ABS sensor for wheel speed and accurate reading

Active Sensor Bearing Technology for latest onboard diagnostics compatibility

Construction Material

heat-treated carbon steel

high-quality alloy steel

Premium stainless sleeves

Construction Design

Double row ball or taper roller design

Integrated raceway and hub

Load- Roll- Form design


Multiple Lifetime Sealing

Premium seals

Quad Seals

Mileage (As per consumer reviews)


100,000 miles 

234,000 miles


Coated to prevent galvanization and corrosion

Additional surface coating for corrosion prevention

molded shield and socket connections and coated cords prevent corrosion

Temperature Control





It comes pre-adjusted and includes all the necessary equipment for installation

Comes pre assembled

Less time consuming, easy installation with coated wheel studs


90 days

One year

Three years

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SKF Wheel Bearings Review

SKF products bear the legacy of supremacy for more than a century, from the starting since 1907, to now almost 90 million cars are on SKF’s bearings. Moreover, it includes almost all types of bearing to serve a mass number of cars (98% European cars).

Roller, ball, plain bearings, seals, housings, mechatronics, rod ends, lubrication system all ensures quality and outcast its competitors with sturdy built and prolonged durability. As a result, this brand serves almost all the OE car manufacturers of the present time.

Best Wheel Bearings Model: SKF BR930502

SKF BR930502 Wheel Bearings
Photo Credit:

One of the most significant SKF bearings HBU3 – Generation 3 hub bearings series was manufactured specially to create more shrink and integration. The idea was generated back in the 80s, and this model has been a cult favorite for certain car models. Also, over time the wear, vibration, and noise have been reduced to conquer utmost perfection.

Here comes the essential feature of this unit, the sensor, which monitors the linear or rotating components and monitors angular positions, senses speed, position, etc.

This SKF bearing focuses on premium material and precise specifications for improved operation and smooth brakes. This unit features multiple lip seal designs to eradicate any sight of contaminants. Also, it is greased for a lifetime for proper lubrication and to avoid any unwanted friction.

The basic design of this wheel is a double row ball or taper roller and two flanges. The main construction material is heat treated carbon steel which ensures strength and durability. Also, this heat treated material is built for better heat management among the parts.

Flanges are one of the most distinctive features of this model; the first flange manages the wheel and brake attachment and the second one is for fitting the whole unit to suspension. The flanges are strong yet lightweight and coated to prevent galvanized corrosion for longer life expectancy and convenient wheel replacement.

There is a separate inner ring for the inboard ball row, which ultimately maximizes the load-carrying capacity, which means regardless of your cargo weight, you can expect a smooth and controlled driving experience. Also, the rotating inner ring combined with a spigot, studs (no more wheel off condition), the tough flange is constructed for the brake and wheel mounting.

Final Rating: 4.5/5

SKF is serving its customers for more than a century, and not only good it is considered even one of the best brands in the present market. The wheel bearing collection of this brand is over the top and is famous worldwide.

It consists of almost 108 manufacturing units. It has series of products divided into generations. Each series have their own qualities, perks, and designing. SKF created the buzz with its premium X-Tracker series.

Is SKF a good brand?

Bottom Line:

If anyone wants to carry extra cargo, SKF BR930502 bearing is great for its extra weight management options. Also, it is the toughest among the other models, and also the sensor is a thing for the improved driving experience.

Timken Wheel Bearings Review

Established in 1899, Timken has come a long way and is now considered one of the leading bearing manufacturing companies in the world. Timken expanded its excellence to over 60 industrial plants in six continents in 30 countries and is marked as the largest ball bearing manufacturer in North America.

This brand does not only focus on automotive but also reaches out to Aeroscope, health, power generation, metallurgy, etc. The main highlighting products are ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings.

Best Wheel Bearings Model: Timken SP500300

Timken SP500300 Wheel Bearings
Photo Credit:

The SP500300 timken bearing is designed to fit the driver-side wheel bearing and hub assembly, which rejuvenates the car’s performance and transforms the vehicle into a brand new condition (we mean it). It is widely accepted due to its universal fit (except very few models) and extended longevity.

Though the brand provides one year warranty, and some of you may feel the period to be too short (yet better than the SKF bearing models), the durability is way prolonged when it comes to this bestseller model. It is constructed with high-quality alloy steel to intensify both strength and durability. Also, the additional surface coating prevents any corrosion.

The new reinforced strength design ensures ultimate load handling capability (convenient for cargo trucks or heavyweight jeeps and family cars). It specializes in low run out, which fulfills the Timken bearings’ main agenda- to reduce noise, vibration, and friction.

Apart from the three-bolt flanges, it features an ABS sensor- great for monitoring wheel speed and does the reading accurately. It features premium seals that eventually retain the lubricants and prevents any damage, including installation damage.

It also contains high-quality grease to reduce temperature torque to enhance performance. This premium grease protects against contamination, wear and rust by enabling better roller traction.

This wheel bearing and hub assembly swear by customer convenience- installation is super-fast as the parts come preassembled. Customers need a 6-point 15mm to tighten the three bolts; no extra help is required. The lug bolts are placed around a triangular piece and are designed to be removed easily. Though users may need to turn the wheel slightly, it comes off easily as long as the lug bolts concern.

Final Rating: 4.8/5

Bottom Line

It suits most of the models prevailing in the present market, which is a considerable perk. Other than that, nothing can beat the installation ease of this Timken bearing model. Extremely lightweight yet built with strength- it is no doubt a rare combo.

MOOG Wheel Bearings Review

Moog claims them to be the “Problem Solver” of the chassis industries; it has been remarkable in manufacturing automotive parts for more than 100 years. Moog focuses mainly on product quality and optimum performance. The best part of this brand is its extended warranty- many of its products even carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Moog belong to the premium category; perhaps a little expensive but a steal for its price point.

Best Bearing: Moog 515046

Moog 515046 Wheel Bearing
Photo Credit:

Moog’s wheel bearings are OEM aligned and are constructed to resolve the OE issues- the Load- Roll- Form design was incorporated to address this problem. This particular design guarantees optimum pre-load and also maintains consistency.

Moog bearings are built with premium stainless sleeves, and to ensure an extended lifespan, Moog does not stop here. It goes by the advanced heat treatment process to ensure maximum material hardness for durability.

Moog is built to give its best shot when it comes to performance- it keeps the manufacturing process controlled meticulously to ensure the exact matching of raceways and the rolling elements. It ultimately results in minimal vibration, noise, and commendable performance.

Moog includes ABS with molded shield and socket connections to prevent any premature wear, which provides contamination protection to an ultimate level. The ABS cords are again coated with a certain type of blended material to protect the ABS itself.

These ABS cords last longer than any other model in the market. Moreover, the overall protection system increases the abrasion resistance and combats even the extreme conditions.

Out casting the traditional seals, Moog features a quad lip seal design. This unique lip design secures the unit from contaminations. Again the grease being spread throughout the hub equally prevents any unnecessary friction and strengthens the durability.

To keep pace with the latest onboard diagnostics, Moog offers Active Sensor Bearing Technology. The wheel studs come with a protective coating to prevent corrosion and rust. The coating also ensures proper torquing and easy removal of the wheels- less time-consuming and hassle-free installation.

Final Rating: 5/5

Bottom Line:

Moog 515046 is the overall best wheel bearing and assembly according to the price range. It outstands with ultimate durability and product quality. The whole unit is performance-driven and focuses solely on perfection—a great deal for anyone looking for a wheel-bearing replacement for their vehicle.

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SKF vs Timken vs MOOG Brearings Comparison Chart

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Complete Wheel Bearing Buying Guide

Buying the parts for your vehicle is quite a task, and so is the wheel bearing. There are certain factors that one must consider before investing in any random product.

Vehicle Models

Every specific wheel bearing model of any brand is designed to suit a certain range of car models. Users must read the manufacturer’s guide to get a brief idea regarding the compatibility of the wheel bearing to the car models.

As wheel bearing assemblies are not remarkably cheap, it is suggested that users must buy the specific ones that are compatible with their vehicles to prevent any money wastage.

Construction Material

One of the most crucial features- the better the material is, the higher the effective wheel bearings will be. Steel and alloy is the most common and widely used material, yet there are different steel and alloy grades. Make sure you are willing to purchase must have a premium grade, high-quality steel or alloy material for better safety. Often, low-grade materials are less flexible and are poor in performance, ultimately affecting your driving experience.

Thermal Conductivity

Bearings can get hot due to friction, and in such cases, thermal conductivity is essential. Even sometimes, due to the extreme weather condition, wheel bearings can get hot, leading to permanent damage. Thus thermal conductivity is required to tolerate excessive heat.

Lug Bolt Position

Lug bolts in many models are quite fragile and tend to break due to strain. Under such circumstances, replacing the whole unit will turn out quite expensive. Rather replacing the lug bolt and buying spare ones are way money saving. Thus watch for the lug bolt to be located in an accessible position so you can easily remove it.


As mentioned earlier, wheel bearings are not cheap in price, thus make sure it lasts long and worth your investment. Customers must check the warranty to estimate the lifespan of the product. Again, investing in a reputed brand would be a good decision because recognized brands usually ensure certain durability.

Pro Tip: Wheel bearings need regular lubrication for a maximized performance. You may use a good synthetic oil for lubrication for better results. It will expand the longevity of the bearings.


This comparison concludes with an editor’s choice overall best brand, and that would be Timken bearing (Let’s explain why!).

Timken seems to be the one-stop solution for any wheel bearing-related issues, and they ensure the apt features. Moreover, the price range is not unbearably expensive, and it takes what it serves. Suitable for heavyweight vehicles and is highly reliable. This one is a legit leading brand.

In short, Timken bearing is the old wine that gets better over time!

And also, the Timken SP500300 is nominated to be the best product among the three.

Though Timken bearing lacks in warranty when it comes to MOOG’s warranty, some of the MOOG products are now being manufactured in china and lack quality. Considering this aspect, Timken is way reliable.

Again SKF bearings get knocked off with their limited vehicle compatibility and outdated OE design. Both Timken and MOOG (OEM aligned) go far in quality, surpassing SKF.


Which is better, Timken or SKF bearing?

Both the brands work well, yet Timken bearings are more reliable considering some aspects. For instance, Timken bearings seem extremely famous and loved in eCommerce sites with higher customer ratings, recommendations, and reviews. On the other hand, SKF wheel bearings are quite lightweight and take a glance to be installed, but SKF provides limited vehicle compatibility (a vital drawback indeed).

SKF features only 90 days warranty, again, a big NO-NO. Timken backs the warranty for a year which is quite satisfactory. Also, the price range- SKF bearings are way expensive than Timken bearings.

In short, though it varies from person to person, factually, Timken is better than SKF.

Is Timken or Moog better?

Both Timken and Moog bearings feature quite the same features and are cult favorites. MOOG is now quite ruling the bearing market by incorporating the new age technical features. But Timken seems to be people’s favorite over anything.

Moreover, recently some of the parts of MOOG have been manufactured in China, which ultimately left customers skeptical regarding the quality. Timken, on the contrary, is manufactured in the US and is awarded as the best wheel-bearing brand in North America.

Though MOOG has a better warranty, Timken bearings are extremely consistent and are better (tight competition, though!) than MOOG.

Are Timken and SKF the same?

No, they are not. SKF is a Sweden-based company, whereas Timken belongs to the USA. Though they both are well known for their star product, the ball bearing has certain differences in both brands.

SKF is more famous in Europe and also famous for its lubrication system, seals, housings, and many more. Timken is also recognized for its parts for even aerospace and metallurgy.

Both have differences in many aspects, to name a few price points, design, and warranty. Timken hubs are more into heavyweight units when it comes to ball bearings, whereas SKF features lightweight easy to install bearings.

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