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Progressive 944 Shocks Review: Best Upgrade for Touring Bike

Do you want a high-end shock that will keep your bike feeling tight when in use off-road or at speed? The Progressive 944 shocks for touring bikes can be a great option for you.

Because they feature super heavy duty springs that can handle the standard weight. They are available for standard or super heavy duty spring rates and feature a variety of mounting options to suit any application.

The shocks come with an industry-leading custom valving system that allows you to tune your superior ride quality based on driving conditions.

This article is about Progressive 944 shocks review and will cover all the important aspects of these shocks, so you can make an informed decision about which ones best fit your needs!

Who makes Progressive Shocks?

Progressive 944 Suspension is a USA-based company that has been in business for over 30 years. They manufacture stock shocks and suspension products for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and dirt bikes. Their focus on quality control along with their innovative line of custom tuned shocks has made them a leader in the industry.

Read more about them here: Progressive Suspension Official Site

Progressive 944 Series Shocks Technical Review


Progressive 944 series shocks are known for making high-quality motorcycle forks and this new shocks model, the Progressive Road Series (PRS), fits right in.


The products featured an adjustable low speed compression dial that allows you to tune your fork’s performance. You can tune without removing it from the bike or disassembling any parts of it. It’s a simple solution that works quite well to give you the best ride.


For riders who are looking for more control over their cornering, the progressive 944 ultra touring shock series has an external spring pre load adjuster. And that delivers a lowered ride height by up to five centimeters.

This is especially useful when running higher pressure in the front end tire because it helps to prevent it from “bouncing” around when you are in the corners.


The Progressive 944 series is available with black anodized forks and chrome reservoirs, which gives them a very sleek look right out of the box. Whether you’re looking for performance or simply want something that looks great on your bike, these shocks are an excellent choice.


Although not all dampers and ultra touring spring combinations are the same, they do have some general characteristics in common. Hydraulic shocks generally feature an oil reservoir that holds pressurized fluid. While the rubber or foam “bump” stops control how far the shock extends when a load is applied to it.


A unique ultra touring spring compressor shocks work by forcing air into a chamber to increase 944 ultra touring shocks internal pressure.


A reservoir is a separate chamber that holds the oil and pressurized nitrogen gas or hydraulic fluid. The shock absorber’s piston separates these two components from each other while allowing them to flow freely through it.


You can expect top notch comfortable ride performance and an even better feeling than what you’d normally get with OEM shocks (depending on your bike, of course).

For reference, our Kawasaki Z900 test mule was equipped with Koni adjustable forks and a pair of Koni adjustable stock shocks, which were both set to their firmest setting.


The Progressive Road Series isn’t cheap by any means. However, it is still affordable than the competition and offers good value for your money.


  • Easily adjustable on the fly with no disassembly required (adjustable low speed compression dial).
  • 944 ultra low shock is likely to help the vehicle’s performance and provide you with greater control over your car.
  • Preload adjuster for more precise cornering control.
  • 944 series has black anodized forks and chrome reservoirs look right out of the box.
  • Automatically adjust damping rates can be adjusted for different road conditions. This shock absorber offers both comfort and handling in one package, so it will work well on all types of terrain.


  • Some riders may not be a fan of the reservoir design (chrome reservoirs).

Best 2 Progressive 944 Series Shocks

Progressive Suspension 944 Series Ultra-Low Shocks

The Progressive Suspension Ultra-Low Series shock absorbers are designed to be the ultimate in performance and durability. The low pressure gas monotube design is engineered for increased oil capacity, cooling fins, a threaded ride height adjuster, and an external reservoir with a built-in vacuum reserve tank.

This lower profile package has been developed specifically for vehicles with lowered ride height. The Progressive Suspension Ultra-Low Series shock absorbers are a great choice for those looking to upgrade from factory shocks and reduce the unsprung weight of their vehicle while maintaining or improving upon stock ride quality.

In addition, this product comes with an excellent warranty program that covers it against manufacturer defects as well as degradation caused by normal wear.

Progressive Suspension 944-4019UL 12.5″ Ultra Touring Shocks

  • Revolutionary air cell technology provides a plush ride for riders of all sizes.
  • 944 ultra low shock features 100% tested components to meet or exceed OE standards.
  • The Progressive Suspension ultra touring shocks utilize fork springs that provide a plush ride for riders of all sizes.
  • 944 ultra touring shocks has a non-binding twin tube design that offers consistent performance throughout the stroke with its frequency sensing technology which allows superior damping control.
  • Easy installation is important. You don’t need any extra special tool to adjust the spring.

Features Need to be Considered Before Buying Progressive Shocks for Touring Bikes


Make sure that your current shock would fit into the new one, or you will need to buy a separate adapter for it.

Effective damping

Make sure there is enough adjustability as well as the ability to fine tune.  Don’t forget about rebound adjustment, if not included in basic tuning options.

Coil spring rate and coil stiffness

This is a part that needs to be considered when switching from stock air shocks to the coil, or vice versa. Make sure you will not need additional tuning options in order to match your preferences.

Cable routing

Make sure it is going to fit by looking at all the available options for this particular model of Progressive shocks.

Boot and seal kits

These are a must-have in case you want to keep all the suspension travel protected from dust and dirt.


Make sure that it is going to cover all the necessary repairs or replacements. Make sure there are no serviceable parts inside, such as sealed cartridge bearings, which cannot be serviced without replacing the entire unit. It usually ranges up to one year.


Make sure that all the components are made out of high quality materials, so there will be no issues with durability and corrosion resistance.


This is a very important aspect to consider when buying any product. Doesn’t matter if you want something at the lowest price, but you should always get what you pay for.


Check if your current fork or rear shock would fit into the new Progressive suspension travel unit. If not, then you will need to buy a separate adapter for it.

Level of adjustability

Make sure that the range is wide enough and ultra low, and basic tuning options should be included in a base package.


This should always be as low as possible or standard weight since every additional gram adds up over time when cycling thousands of kilometers per year.

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FAQ of Progressive Shocks

Brand new Progressive 944 Shocks in the box

How to Install Progressive Shocks for Touring Bikes?

944 Ultra Touring Progressive Shocks can be mounted in many different positions on your bike, depending on the application and setup you are looking for. Here is how they fit!

*Front mount (standard or extended): Mounts under the triple clamp.

*Rear mount: Mounts to the stock mounting location behind the rear axle. Can be used with a standard or extended link.

Does Progressive make Touring Shocks?

Progressive Suspension manufactures many types of shocks, including ultra touring shocks for motorcycles, ATVs with rear shocks & UTVs. They have many different models to choose from when it comes to touring motorcycle shocks. These include the PSS series, which are designed for high-performance street glide. 

And will work on most motorcycles, including cruisers that come stock with non-adjustable front twin shock systems. The rate of each touring model in the PSS series can be adjusted to provide a great range of adjustments for the riding style you have.

How Does Progressive Suspension Work?

Progressive Suspension Travel provided a wide variety of great shocks for motorcycles and is designed to be used on ATVs. Each ultra low shock they sell is custom tuned based on the rider’s weight and riding use.

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Progressive 944 Shocks Review: The Final Verdict

Progressive best shocks for touring bikes are a great way to improve the performance of your motorcycle on both road and off-road surfaces. Make sure you look at all the available options before choosing which shock would be best suited for your type of riding.

Because there is a wide range of features included in every model that can greatly influence how it performs under certain circumstances. Keep in mind that when it comes to Progressive suspension, you get what you pay for!

We hope this article was useful, and we wish you the best of luck on your next long trip!

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