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Pro Comp Shocks Absorbers Review

Pro Comp Shocks are off-road performance shock absorbers. It is designed to meet the needs of those who drive daily and those who have an occasional need for more rugged terrain. They offer a wide range of benefits, from improved handling and good ride comfort to better control over your vehicle in tough situations.

In this pro comp shocks review, we will explore these benefits and discuss why pro comp shocks are worth considering if you’re looking for a high-quality shock absorber at a fair price.

Best Pro Comp Shocks Models in the market

Who Manufactures Pro Comp Shock?

Pro Comp manufactures these shocks in the USA, and they are good for both on-road performance and off-road use. Pro comp shocks come with a lifetime warranty and are very easy to install. Pro Comps offer great handling and control at lower speeds, better than most other shock absorbers we have tested. This includes all of the popular brands of shocks, such as Bilstein.

Pro Comp Shocks are very affordable and have a limited lifetime warranty for any manufacturer’s defects or workmanship issues. We have been using them on our Jeep Wrangler JKU since 2007, and they still provide good performance over all these years later, even after more than 20000 miles of most demanding driving conditions.

Overall Review of Pro Comp Shocks after testing

Pro Comp Shocks


Pro comp shocks are high-quality vehicle shock absorbers that offer both performance and comfort for your new truck, SUV, or other racing specialty. Pro Comp Shocks have a unique design that provides the best off-road suspension while maintaining excellent on-road driving characteristics.

The way these race car quality suspensions are engineered allows them to ride smoothly even over rough terrain.

Pro Comp Shocks are able to provide a better ride over stock shocks, especially when driving at high speeds or going through rough terrain. Stock shocks offer great value for money as they perform much better than other well-known stock shock brands such as Bilstein, for example, but cost about the same price.

Pro comp rear shock absorbers feature a piggyback reservoir and custom-tuned compression valving for on-road handling and off-road performance.


Pro Comp Shocks are very easy to install and do not require any special tools or knowledge. Most truck owners can install them in less than one hour, even if they have never replaced shocks before. Pro comp shock absorbers come with detailed instructions for installation, including all the needed parts and pictures of each step that needs to be performed.


Pro Comp Shocks are very affordable and offer excellent value for money. They cost about the same price as other popular brands of shocks. But at Pro comp, you don’t get the same thing, rather much more performance out of them, especially when driving on rough roads.


All Pro Comp shock absorbers come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects in craft or materials. The warranty does not cover the shocks if they are used for racing, off-road use only, and/or if they have been installed improperly.


Pro Comp Shocks come with optimum capacity, are very high quality, and durable. They can really take a beating over rough terrain, so daily drivers do not have to worry about replacing them often like other low-quality shocks that just wear out quickly.

Pro comp shock absorbers provide the best combination of on-road performance driving as well as off-road use for your car or truck. They are not cheap, but they offer great value for money and work greater than other shocks on the market at a similar price.

Technical Key Features of Pro Comp Shock

  • Variable rate coil springs.
  • High-quality internal components such as rod guide tubes, valve seals, and bump stop seals.
  • Three position compression adjuster allows you to change the shocks’ performance depending on road conditions and type of driving performed.


  • Best value for money.
  • High-quality components and design.

Features Need to be Considered Before Buying Pro Comp Shocks

Unboxing pro comp shocks for review

You need to consider a couple things before purchasing Pro Comp Shocks. They are-


It is not necessarily always easy to install the shocks, so you should consider whether you can do this or need a professional.


Trucks will perform differently depending on what type of driving needs to be done and under which conditions (on-road/off-road)


Depending on the type of driving, you should also consider how long your shocks last. With some types, it is possible that they wear out too quickly and then need to be replaced frequently- especially if you use them for heavy loads.


Depending on what features are needed for a certain car, the cost could vary greatly. It is important to find out what type of product meets your needs before you buy.


Depending on the driving style, it is important to consider how durable your shocks are. If you drive in rough conditions or travel long distances often, durability becomes very important.


When considering whether to buy Pro Comp Shocks, you should always consider safety features first and foremost! Whether you need improved road control when cornering, better safety in case of an accident, or are looking for a smoother ride- Pro Comp has you covered!


Depending on what type of driving is required, it can be important to consider how comfortable your shocks are. If you want more comfort when driving long distances, check before you buy. Also, if the trucks are driven for business purposes on a daily basis, comfort is essential.


It is also about the overall quality of your new shocks and whether they are durable under certain conditions. This should always be considered when making this type of purchase to avoid disappointment, in case you need replacements often or if some stuff were to break easily.


The size of your shocks is also important because it can affect the way they perform, depending on how large or small they are. If you have larger trucks that require more surface area to be covered by good shock absorbers, consider size before buying them!


Depending on what type of shocks are needed for a certain car, the performance of your product can vary greatly. It is important to find out what type of product meets your needs before you buy!


For some types, they may offer more flexibility than others when used in specific conditions or climates. You should always consider whether new shocks need to be used in the winter and on hot summer days.


We can’t tell what vehicle you need to consider for certain shocks because this is subjective plus depends on the type of car that needs them! But we can generally say that most cars might benefit from better shock absorbers overall.

FAQs of Pro Comp Shocks

What is the difference between a bypass shock and an electronic control suspension?

The difference is Electronic Control Suspension or ECU controlled suspension shock absorber system. The latest in adaptive suspensions from leading European car manufacturers. An electronically controlled system that constantly monitors road conditions, vehicle speed, and other data to optimize damper settings for nice ride quality.

Are Pro Comp shocks any good?

Absolutely! Pro Comp’s performance shocks are built to OE specifications with the same high-quality materials as their standard units.

How long do Pro Comp shocks last?

Pro Comp shocks are completely rebuildable, meaning they last the lifetime of your truck.

What is the difference between Pro Comp shocks and other brands?

We haven’t noticed huge differences, except that Pro Comp has decades of experience in shock absorber design, construction, and testing that allows them to produce superior quality components than its competitors.

Pro Comp Shocks Review: Final verdict

Pro comp shocks are a great way to improve your driving experience, whether you often travel long distances or drive on rough country roads! They can be tailored towards specific needs that meet modern-day demands and offer improved safety features when compared to standard shock absorbers.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you got further questions, please let us know through comments!

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