Oredy Struts vs Monroe Quick Struts: An in Depth Review with Comparison

It’s not often that your struts need replacement. So why not take your time before purchasing some high-quality strut assemblies?

Investing in a good strut set can ensure that your car remains in excellent condition for many years.

As a result, finding the best struts for your car model will significantly improve the quality of your driving experience. Thus, it will make it easier for you to maintain and control your vehicle while driving through uneven parts of the road.

However, when it comes to strutting assemblies, the strut market is awash with options. And that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, this article will assist you in navigating and finding the best choice for your car.

This Oredy vs Monroe Struts comparison will help you figure out the differences that set the two brands apart. So without further ado, let’s offer your ride a sweet strut set.

Oredy strut assembly
This picture is showing Monroe quick strut with specification

Oredy strut assembly

Monroe quick strut

High quality components that are both safe to use and simple to install

For durability, the upper strut is preassembled with superior steel bonding

The spring seats are entirely insulated from the springs, resulting in a quiet and comfortable ride

Monroe's struts are designed to support your vehicle's weight

It fits Toyota Camry and Lexus, it has an exact fit, quality and fitness

Nuts and bolts of SAE grade

Oredy Struts Review

Oredy Struts
Photo credit: oredystrut.com

It was 2015 when the Oredy brand was established. Oredy struts became commercially available just a few years ago. However, they are already considered one of the best struts you can get for your car, truck or SUV.

Nonetheless, despite only being on the market for a short time, Oredy struts are highly regarded by leading industry experts.

Oredy is undoubtedly a leading manufacturer of struts for the automotive market. They have a large selection of high-quality parts that are ready to install and finish right out of the box.

Oredy struts are complete strut assembly, and they are built to last. Thus, making them a perfect option for drivers.

Because Oredy struts are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, finding the model that fits your vehicle shouldn’t be too difficult.

These rear strut assemblies come with all the necessary components, and the full installation process is quick and straightforward.


All Oredy strut models are made of high quality materials and durable struts. Also, they reduce the need to change them often to the very minimum. For maximum performance, the materials used are of the highest quality, and each strut is nitrogen gas charged for maximum performance.

Because different car models have different suspension systems, you must ensure that your considered Oredy strut is compatible with your vehicle.

However, installing an Oredy strut is highly technical and takes around half an hour. Therefore, it is recommended not to do it on your own. Unless you are sure you know what you are doing.

Be mindful that some Oredy front strut sets are different from other sets, extending over the rear wheels.

Key Feature Specks:

  • There are no extra tools required for the full installation of the complete strut assembly.
  • The product is ready to use right away.
  • Toyota Camry 2.2L 4CYL models from 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001 are all compatible with this part.
  • Toyota Solara 2.2L and 2.4L 4CYL models from 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 are also compatible.
  • An instruction handbook is added to the package, as well as a set of precautions to assist you in fitting the struts to your vehicle.
  • It includes all the components you’ll need for strut replacement in a single set.
  • The parts are of high quality and have been chrome plated, coated, and painted, so you won’t have to worry about durability, rust, or corrosion.
  • They also provide a generous 18-month warranty and a friendly after service team to help you in the United States.

Are Oredy Struts Good?

Photo credit: oredystrut.com

Indeed, they are.

The Oredy Struts are durable struts guaranteed to reduce the force of impact and allow you to drive smoothly even on rough terrains.

All of Oredy’s struts are made out of sturdy materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. In addition, the weather conditions do not impact the performance of the Oredy’s struts, and they are equally effective in the summer and the winter.

The frequency with which you must replace Oredy’s struts is determined primarily by how frequently you use your vehicle and the type of terrain you drive through.

Oredy struts to compete with brands such as Detroit Axle, Monroe, OEM, and Rancho. Besides, all Oredy strut models are made of durable materials. And that reduces the need for frequent replacement to a bare minimum.

Pro Tip: Oredy strut should work perfectly until you are done traveling more than 50,000 miles before considering replacing struts (from personal experience).

Where are Oredy Struts Manufactured?

As far as Oredy goes, their manufacturing of shocks and struts is conducted in China. They are pretty reliable and can easily last years on rough usage. The after-sales service is based in the US, though, which can troubleshoot you if you face any issues.

What are the Pros and Cons of Oredy Struts?

Well, let’s check them out quickly.


  • Insulated spring seats
  • Great noise reduction
  • It makes for consistent handling
  • High quality materials
  • Each strut is nitrogen gas charged
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Generous warranty


  • A bit on the pricier side

Monroe quick strut review

P.c. Monroe

Monroe is well-known for adhering to factory specifications in order to ensure that its products fit as many car models as possible. Its complete assembly provides a set of long-lasting struts with high-quality and lightweight materials. So your car has only the best and does not feel heavy with Monroe struts.

These high quality struts fit particular models, so it is crucial to ensure that your model is one of the recommended models. The entire Monroe is well-engineered so that as long as the tools fit your car easily, the installation process is effortless.

The set is also of high quality struts, as it is sealed and coated. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about rust or corrosion. In addition, Monroe’s struts are guaranteed to last longer than most other struts on the market.

The set also includes the tools you’ll need to install it in your car, making installation quick and simple.


Monroe is also regarded as one of the best suspension parts manufacturers for complete strut assembly. Their extensive lineup of good struts and shock absorption products is made in the USA. Although their country of origin is China, they instill confidence in drivers and car owners since 1992.

Monroe offers premium replacement shocks and struts with cutting-edge ride control technologies that are custom-designed for each vehicle.

It covers a wide range of passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs from Europe, Asia, and North America.

Feature Specks:

Monroe has an instruction manual for easy installation. To fit the strut set, you do not need to be an expert.

  • The strut includes a bearing plate, which helps to eliminate the type of steering noise caused by worn bearings.
  • Monroe strut is simple to install and does not require any special tools.
  • The upper strut mount bearings are OE-style.
  • Each component intends to meet or exceed OE specific models.
  • No need of stripping the existing strut assembly, making it easier and faster to use.
  • There is no need to compress coil springs, making them safer to use.
  • Excellent rubber-to-steel bonding, plated steel for extended wear.
  • Experts advise is to inspect the shocks and struts every 80,000 kilometers.
  • Product, price, and availability may differ depending on the application.

Oredy struts vs Monroe Quick Strut Comparison Table

Oredy strut assembly

Monroe quick strut

Ready for full installation: No special tools required

Completely Assembled Unit with No Requirement for a Spring Compressor

Parts have a worry-free 18 monthly good warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Perfectly engineered for the Toyota Camry and Solara models

Designed for specific models of European, Asian and North American Vehicles

Install Position Rear

Install Position Rear

The upper strut mount high-end bearings and SAE-graded bolts and nuts

It includes premium steel construction

High-grade rubber to steel bonding offers quality

Precision tube and welds provide maximum durability and integrity

SAE-Grade nuts and bolts

SAE-Grade nuts and bolts

Packs top-of-the-line hollow bumper to tackle any damages in case of the suspension bottoms out

Features high-end upper strut mount that ensures performance. This offers reduced noise, precise steering, and reduced vibration

The upper seat boasts top-shelf engineering to offer consistent performance right from day one

Engineered to restore OE quality performance. Boasts superior rust protection due to protective coating

Features brand new parts with high-performance assembly oil: packs anti-foam and anti-shear capabilities

It saves uptime and cost in installation. Comes packed with everything necessary for full installation

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While so many options are ready on the strut market, it’s easy to get spoiled for choice before buying struts. However, the last thing you want to happen is wasting your money on inferior parts, because new struts aren’t cheap.

The following comparison will offer you the necessary insights into the brands and their special features in a structured manner. Thus, it will allow you to make a suitable investment and enjoy optimal performance down the road.

Oredy Struts” or “Monroe Struts,” these two brands has very similar high quality struts. In this Table post, we will go over the differences between them and help you decide what is best for your needs.

Which Brand is Better Oredy or Monroe Struts?

4 car struts on the floor

Oredy and Monroe are both top-of-the-line brands that you might consider while opting for struts. However, although they both are good quality struts and claim to give smoother rides, you can’t go for both. That is why we decided to compare Oredy struts and Monroe struts for you. And hopefully, now you know what makes them a near-perfect option for a wide range of vehicles. Therefore, you can make a better choice now.

In case you are still not sure which is the better among the two? Honestly, to put it simply, you get what you pay for in both cases. And they both deliver what they claim for.

Yet, to end with-

Oredy Struts

Oredy struts will cost you less initially. However, here you have to make some sacrifices in terms of comfort. Besides, relatively, you will be getting less in terms of the warranty. But then again, Oredy struts focuses on overall quality. And have varieties of options to choose the right strut for your car easily.

Monroe Struts

On the other hand, Monroe struts cost more, at least more than OEM struts. However, Monroe has better build quality. They offer smooth rides and are more durable. Their focus point is speed. And especially, the metal-to-rubber bond has done wonders for Monroe.

Now it’s up to you what you will choose for your car according to your suspension system and budget.

Pro Tip: The quality of each component in your car’s suspension system can improve your safety while driving. So, if your vehicle employs struts rather than shocks, you should prioritize quality over cost and purchase the best struts for your vehicle model.


Struts don’t require replacement now and then, but you shouldn’t make any delay when the time comes. Every moment that passes by is harmful to your tires, brakes, and various aspects of the vehicle. Thus, it’s vital to get the suitable after-market replacement that fits your ride most.

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