Moog vs Proforged ball joints: Which is better for your car?

You love your car, so you want to take care of it. The last thing you want is for it to break down on the side of the road because something small but essential like a ball joint went bad.

Ball joints can be really tricky to change out, which is why we’re going to compare two different brands today: Proforged vs Moog. 

We’ll tell you what each brand offers and what’s unique about them. By the end, you should know which ball joint will work best for your vehicle!

What is a ball joint?

For starters, let’s check what is a ball joint and what are the main parts that make it up.

The ball joint is a mechanism whose most crucial part is an assembly of two metal balls between grooves in both joints, allowing them to pivot independently while keeping constant contact. The outer casing keeps these parts together under pressure with the help of a steering linkage, so they don’t get detached from each other. The main parts of the ball joints are the steering linkage, tie rod ends, and control arms.

There are several types of ball joints in the market; Moog and Proforged are some of the renowned ball joint brands.

Moog vs Proforged: key differences at a glance

Moog Ball Joint

Proforged Ball Joint 

Better than U or H shaped pins

Able to be used as a replacement for your old part

Longer lasting and performs better

Manufactured with the highest quality materials possible

Tested for good quality and durability

Designed to last and able to hold up under pressure even during tough conditions

Moog ball joints include a great number of parts and accessories with complete valve train components for the vehicles in some exact country in Europe, also for domestic or imported vehicles.

Most Moog parts and ball joints are easily adjusted or replaced. With the few exceptions, heavy-duty applications require an additional step to disengage the steering parts from the spindle before replacing them. In most cases where you are replacing ball joints on your car, you’ll need to remove the steering knuckle or hub assembly.

Moog Ball Joint Overview

Moog Ball Joints

Moog ball joints are designed to replace your old, worn-out parts like ball joints and ball studs with their first-class products. This type of joint has a spherical, rotating union, allowing the ends to be more easily positioned or aligned than most other connections.

The design is an improved version over traditional “U” and “H” shaped pins that most manufacturers used. Moog ball joints are known to last longer and perform better than most other similar products on the market. As a result, Moog lower ball joint replacement will cost less for your vehicle.

Moog ball joints have a polyethylene boot that is able to seal out a fair amount of contaminants. So that you don’t have to worry about debris entering into the bearing assembly or the grease leaking out. You can also use Moog ball joints in wider variation applications, making them one of the more versatile joints on today’s market.

The Moog parts themselves have been tested for quality control issues and durability, so you know that what you’re getting is stronger than most other similar products available.

  • Designed to replace your worn out parts
  • Able to be used in many applications
  • None.

Proforged Ball Joint Overview

Proforged Ball Joint

The Proforged Ball Joint replacement parts are designed to restore the original handling of your vehicle. Strength, durability, and quality coming through Proforged parts ensure their solid construction with forged or cold-formed steel balls for long-lasting use. 

The spherical bearing design offers smooth movement while ensuring efficient power transfer by using high-performance rubber boots to prevent any leakage from water or dirt.

This is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to replace their vehicle’s original equipment. It offers the complete functionality of OE ball joints with superior performance. Proforged ball joints come with an ‘E coating’ and provides additional comfort and safety on your road trips or when driving in challenging conditions.

The Proforged Ball Joint replacement ensures easy installation since it features all components needed to ensure proper fitment.

Proforged Ball Joints are covered by a 12-month warranty for any manufacturer defects and a 30-day money-back guarantee. So that you can purchase it with confidence, knowing that these products will meet your satisfaction or money ensuring.

With Proforged, quality is guaranteed!

All of these features make this ball joint an excellent choice when you are shopping around for new parts for your car or truck.

  • Cheaper than most other parts on the market
  • Offers a smooth and efficient ride with its ball-bearing design.
  • Long-lasting due to durable construction
  • Installation mechanism is pretty poor and can be difficult for some people to install themselves

Alternative brands of Moog and Proforged ball joints

Two alternative black Ball joints of Moog and Proforged ball joints

Both Proforged and Moog are brands that have been around for decades. They both produce some of the best ball joints, control arms, pitman arms, tie rods, and steering components along with other aftermarket parts available on the market today. Two other brands offer high-quality products in addition to the well-known names mentioned above: Anchor Brand and Jointech Balljoints.

Anchor brand ball joints are made in South Korea, and Jointech is a German company. Both produce good stuff- both have good reputations and good reviews among the forum community for their products. But they don’t have the same name recognition as Proforged or Moog do.

Moog vs Proforged: which is right for you?

Honestly, they both don’t really have a huge difference between them compared to other brands. If you’re on a tight budget, then Proforged might be the best option. You’ll get quality parts that work well and will save money in the long run because you won’t need to pay someone to change out your ball joints as often (if ever!).

If you’re in search of a ball joint that works well and saves money & time, then Moog might be the better option as a problem solver.

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