Head-to-Head: Moog vs ACDelco Suspension Parts

There are many different suspension parts and balls on the market, but Moog and AcDelco are the two brands that are most popular. We’ll be discussing Moog vs Ac Delco in this article to help you decide which product is right for your vehicle.

Moog offers a variety of high-quality products that can suit any need. Their shocks, struts, steering stabilizers, sway bars and more offers great performance at an affordable price.

ACDelco also offers a range of suspension parts and balls with competitive pricing.

Their springs come in both coil or leaf form, while their shocks include monotube or twin-tube options. But that depends on what type is needed for your car’s specific needs.

Product Comparison Table of Moog vs ACDelco Suspensions



High-quality parts

Stylish design with five spokes and comes in 17 inches

ball joints are made out of steel, chrome, and aluminum

It's spring-free, which means no end play for longer life and easier installation

Moog Suspension Overview

Moog Suspension

There are many suspension companies out there, but Moog is the one brand that is most well-known. They have been making ball joints and other parts for decades now, which gives them a lot of experience in what they do. Let’s see if their products can live up to expectations and be a problem solver!

Some of the matters you should expect from Moog parts or balls are:

  • The materials used will make sure that your car is safe on the road.
  • Moog ball joints and parts are sold for many different makes and models, which means there’s something available to fit most vehicles. They also have some universal parts, so you can still get Moog joints or other products even if your car isn’t on the list.
  • Long-lasting products that will last as long as you own your vehicle. Thanks to their superior quality compared to other brands out there.

The different models of Moog Suspension are:

Ball joints

Moog ball joints are available for cars, trucks, and SUVs. They have two options when it comes to ball joints; one with Grease Zerk fittings or the Barebones ball joints with no fittings whatsoever. The latter is known as “sealed” ball joints. It’s up to you which ball joints you go for, although many people prefer the greased versions as they will last longer.

Tie rods

Another common suspension part that Moog makes is tie rods. They come with or without ball joints and feature a very easy installation process because of their direct-fit design. If something goes wrong with tie rod ends, the entire tie rod usually needs to be replaced.

Rack ends

if you have an older car, then chances are it has a rack instead of a pinion steering system. If so, your rack end is probably starting to get worn down and damaged due to age, which isn’t good since they’re responsible for keeping everything attached in place.

Axle parts

Moog also makes axle shafts as well as different types of joints, such as cv and u-joints.

If you want you and your car safe on the road, no matter what roads you go over, it’s good to invest in these products.


  • Parts are very easy to install.
  • High-quality design that will last you for many years.


  • You need to make sure all the parts fit your vehicle, and the Moog website can be a bit confusing sometimes.

ACDelco Suspension Overview

AcDelco Suspension

Some specs you must expect from the ACDelco suspension system are:

  • Low-profile design gives the vehicle a sleek look. Also feature an aggressive offset and backspacing to support high horsepower applications for increased performance capabilities.
  • Ac Delco suspension or upper ball joints will provide the same quality and durability as your vehicle’s original parts. Also, it will meet or exceed all original equipment specifications.
  • This product is manufactured from high-quality materials for durable, long-lasting performance. It’s made to the same rigorous standard as your original equipment and designed by the industry leader in aftermarket replacement parts.
  • It will provide you with a superior choice over lower-priced alternatives that could be unreliable or may not meet all OE standards.
  • This component is a one-piece dust boot, comes with a dust shield that helps to keep contaminants out of the suspension components. And also preventing any moisture from entering, which could damage bearings.
  • ACDelco suspension is coated with special wear or corrosion-resistant coatings that provide long-life performance by resisting metal degradation. It’s made of high-quality materials with years of reliable service.
  • This component is an alloy steel steering shaft that provides strength and durability. Also, its suspension bushings reduce vibration by dampening road noise. The accuracy of the alignment adjustments is not affected at all when it is installed in your vehicle.

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The different models of ACDelco Suspension are:

Ac Delco parts also have two different types of suspension struts:

ProSport high-performance replacement strut

This strut comes with good front suspension handling performance, providing improved cornering ability and sporty driving experience to enhance dynamics and comfort.

Touring premium replacement strut

This strut provides precise steering and improved cornering ability for a more stable ride in various road conditions.

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  • Support high horsepower applications
  • Stylish design
  • 100% genuine OEM quality replacement parts
  • Coated for wear or corrosion resistance and long life
  • Manufactured to GM’s specifications
  • None!


Is MOOG as good as OEM?

MOOG’s version of the part will save you extra cost, and it costs less than OEM. But is it as good?

When comparing MOOG to other brands like ACDelco or NAPA Gold, they are among the best. But they fall short when compared with genuine parts from Audi and VW dealerships – both in price and quality.

MOOG is a good company, and they do make good quality parts, but there are plenty of options out there. So it really a matter of what customer wants and needs for their car.

MOOG offers some great products at prices far below OEM or many aftermarket brands, while still offering better warranty terms than most competitors. However, if a customer is looking for the absolute best parts available, going with genuine Audi and VW dealerships is usually the most reliable route.

For customers who want quality but also need to stick within their budget and looking for something on a cheaper side, MOOG parts can be a great option. Although, as long as they are willing to research which specific part numbers fit their vehicle.

Are ACDelco parts good?

Ac Delco parts are good for GM vehicles. ACDelco offers GM original equipment (OE) replacement parts like idler arms & control arms. Also meet the same quality standards as those of your vehicle’s manufacturer, including all applicable ISO Quality System Standards.

ACDelco also has a premium line of aftermarket products that are engineered to provide OE performance and reliability at an affordable price.

Is ACDelco a good ball joint?

ACDelco is a good ball joints brand. ACDelco advantage line manufactures solid and reliable ball joints that can be used in your car or truck for many years to come. If you need new ball joints or parts, they are easy to find at most auto stores, which makes this company convenient.

Moog vs ACDelco Suspension: which one to choose?

We would recommend Moog because they’ve been trusted for years and are very easy to use. Moog also offers an ‘R Series’ arms to provide vehicle parts replacement for a wider variation. We also like the look of their products over ACDelco, but if you want to stick with what GM (General Motors) recommends, we think ACDelco is the best choice.

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