Monroe vs Gabriel Shocks and Struts: Comparison Guide

Both Monroe and Gabriel make shocks and struts for your vehicle. But which is better? Monroe or Gabriel?

The truth is, it depends on what you are looking for in a brand of shock absorbers. If you want to go with the more traditional choice, then go with Monroe. If you want something that has modern innovations like gas charged damping, then get Gabriel Shocks and Struts!

Let see the depth of Gabriel vs Monroe shocks:

Key Differences Table of Monroe and Gabriel Shocks and Struits






Monroe Struts

- 28.7 pounds
‎- 29.25 x 7.5 x 6.75 inches
- Country of Origin: USA
- Position: Front


Gabriel Struts

-22 pounds
- Product Dimensions:
‎31.44 x 8.94 x 9.13 inches
- Country of Origin:

Below are the main differences between the two brands.


Gabriel shocks and struts are generally easier to install than Monroe. It is because Gabriel’s line of lift struts does not require dropping the subframe.


Gabriel Shocks and Struts for your car can be cheaper than Monroe, especially if you’re looking at performing a complete suspension systems replacement. However, they both come in affordable prices.

Ride quality

Your ride quality depends on what you’re looking for in a shock, but both Gabriel and Monroe are very good at making shocks that control the vibrations of your vehicle. They don’t really have big differences in ride quality.


You can expect most shocks from Monroe to last longer than Gabriel due to the older technology and more traditional construction methods used on their struts. However, Gabriel will last longer than Monroe if you’re going with something like gas charged damping.

Moisture resistance

Both Monroe and Gabriel are very good shocks and good at making shocks that resist moisture and corrosion, so don’t worry about this with either option.

Size of vehicle

Gabriel struts and shocks are generally better suited for light trucks, SUVs, larger cars, etc., while Monroe is more suitable for smaller sedans

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Monroe Shocks and Struts Review

Monroe Struts in the box

A short support strut or rod is used to hold up something like a shelf or mirror. Monroe Struts is a top-rated company that manufactures struts and shocks. They have been around since 1987, so they are definitely an established brand! Monroe also has their headquarters in Ohio, which means you know the monroe products will be high-quality.

Monroe Struts Models & Product Lineup

There are a variety of different Monroe shocks and struts, and they range in price. The product lineups include oil less, zinc plated, and chrome, which is really nice if you want to match your current hardware color scheme!

Key technical features and Pros

  • All Monroe struts are designed with the same weight capacities. All models have a load capacity of up to 600 lbs and an additional weight per inch for carrying heavy loads.
  • The exterior is covered in zinc, which protects against corrosion. So, you can use them without worrying about rusting or corroding over time! And, that will save your additional cost of replacing it time to time.
  • Monroe’s shocks and struts come in a variety of sizes such as 0.75″, 0.875″, and so on all the way up to two inches!

List of best shocks & struts Monroe offers

  1. Monroe Shocks & Struts Load Adjusting 58654 Shock Absorber
  2. Monroe 58653 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber
  3. Monroe 171371R Monroe Quick-Strut

Gabriel Shocks and Struts Review

Gabriel struts have been around for a long time now. The company manufactures all kinds of equipment, including chain assemblies to OEM shocks and end users.

Gabriel Struts Models & Product Lineup:

Gabriel struts offer a wide variety of components that are built to the highest quality standards.

The Gabriel strut is used in various applications, including agricultural, construction, mining equipment, and others.

They have been around for over 100 years now, and continue to innovate their designs to improve reliability for their customers. Gabriel Struts are a good choice for any application where quality and durability are important.

Key technical features and Pros

  • Gabriel struts and shocks are highly durable than other shocks and can last a long time if properly taken care of. However, you should check them regularly to ensure that there is no damage or wear to the components.
  • The company uses high-quality materials, including alloy steel chains, that have proven reliable, safe and cost effective.
  • Gabriel struts come in different sizes and shapes, making it easy to find the right kind for whatever application is needed.
  • WLL (working load limit): 50 tn.

List of best shocks & struts Gabriel offers

  1. Gabriel 43180 Rear Load Carrier
  2. Gabriel G63488 White Ultra Truck Shock
  3. Monroe 139104 Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

What Symptoms that Indicate that Your Shocks and Struts Need to be Replaced?

Old Shocks and Struts on the grass
  • Your car feels unstable on bumpy terrain and every time your vehicles hits a pothole or speed bump. This means that the shock absorbers are broken/defective, so it’s time to car repairs and replace them.
  • They are not working properly in off roads or rough terrains, which causes instability in your smooth ride. Car owners can also notice that there is something loose in our vehicles.
  • The vehicles give you a not so smooth and comfortable rides on bumpy roads, like riding on a Pogo stick. This means that you need to replace your shocks because they’re worn out or broken down.
  • Damaged struts will reduce spring oscillations and their spring rate has become too soft for the weight of your car, which makes it feel unstable on everyday driving at a fast speed (highway).
  • Oil or fluid leakages around shocks seal; a defective Fluon banded piston strut assembly might cause this due to wear out of the shock absorbers (strut).
  • When you hit a bump, there is a sudden jerk felt in our car’s steering response. This might be caused by worn out shocks, which have lost their ability to control/minimize oscillations and stabilize our vehicle.
  • There are abnormal vibrations felt on our steering wheel, especially at high speeds (highway). Worn out shocks might cause this.
  • You can also notice that there is something loose in your vehicle, and it causes a rattling noise while you’re driving.
  • When you hit the bump, it feels like there’s nothing under your wheels; this means that we need to replace the shocks/struts because they are worn out and no longer able to perform their functions which is absorbing energy from the bump.
  • Also, your vehicle’s age plays a major role in deciding if it is time to replace the shocks and/or struts. The longer you have them, the more wear they will accumulate until a breakdown occurs.

Feature Need to be Considered Before Buying Shocks or Struts

Monroe and Gabriel Shocks and Struts on the floor

With the below key features, we recommend taking them into account before purchasing shocks or struts.

These will help make a good decision according to your car and budget.


Before buying Shocks or Struts, you need to know the dimensions of your car. There are different sizes for each model, and these dimensions must correspond to avoid any problems once shocks installed on your vehicle.


depending on the model of your car, you will have to buy a more or less durable shock. In this way, it must be taken into account when deciding which product to purchase.

For example, if after buying the most resistant one ends up being too strong for your vehicle and can break down with its use, it would be a waste of money.


It is also important to take into account the price when buying shocks or struts. It will depend on your budget to have at your disposal and which one offers more benefits for that amount of money. You should always prefer the product with better quality-price to save money.

However, sometimes it may not be the best option. To ensure that you make a good decision, it is advisable to compare different brands and their benefits before making a purchase.

Easy installation

If you are not very experienced in this kind of activity, we recommend consulting with an expert to avoid possible problems during the installation process. Also, if your car has a very complex design, it may be difficult to install new Shocks or Struts, and in such cases, we recommend leaving this task for professionals.


Another important aspect that should be considered when buying shocks or struts is the quality of its materials. We usually recommend choosing products with stainless steel valves; because they are more resistant and durable.


Among all the characteristics that should be considered before purchasing Shocks or Struts, we also recommend considering the brand. There are some brands with a lot of prestige, and they usually offer more guarantees than others.

Thus, if you choose one of these companies, it is likely that its products will last longer. They also doesn’t show any signs of damage or wear.

Weight capacity

Before buying Shocks or Struts, you also need to know the maximum weight they can carry. It should always correspond with your vehicle’s capacity to avoid overloading it and avoid problems during use.

How long do Monroe and Gabriel’s shocks or struts last?

Gabriel's shocks in the box

Monroe shocks actually do the same thing as Gabriel and designed to be used in all kinds of weather conditions. So, there is no need for them to have a certain lifespan. If you take care of your vehicle by keeping it properly maintained with oil changes, regular inspections, etc., they will most likely outlast the life of your car.

Conclusion: Which is better KYB or Gabriel shocks?

With all the above information, we recommend comparing each product and considering your car model to choose the best one for your vehicle.

However, in our opinion, most people should go with Monroe. They offer a more unique and traditional design with rubber/nylon bushings. In contrast, Gabriel shocks and struts have modern damping technology like gas charged valving. If you want to go with the cheaper option, then go for Monroe Shocks and Struts!

If you can not decide on a particular brand or type after this comparison, it may be advisable to consult with experts, who will tell you if they prefer Gabriel over Monroe shocks or other brands.

Good luck!

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