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Best Laptop for Programming – A Detailed Buying Guide!

No matter whether you are a professional programmer or an enthusiastic amateur, you need the right laptop for programming. Unlike other functions, coding does not require laptops with powerful components, however, if you want to run and test your codes as well then picking a strong laptop will surely pay you off. 

A powerful laptop can not only do coding efficiently but also compile all codes at a faster speed which enables you to run or test your codes easily and complete your projects fastly.

When looking for a laptop for programming, the needs and priorities may differ in the case of different programmers. For instance, if you are a game developer, then you might prefer a laptop with a decent graphic card for playing your game while testing. While some other programmers prefer a laptop with a large screen and high resolution so that they can see more codes simultaneously without scrolling up and down.  

Considering the varying needs of programmers, the present article has gathered a list of the best laptops for programming that will surely help you to decide on the best laptop for your programming endeavor. 

Top Five Best Laptops for Programming

Finding the best laptop for programming can be a challenging task for you whether you are an experienced folk or new to programming. Since you must take into account some aspects while buying a laptop including RAM, processor type and speed, SSD, keyboard, graphic card, and many more. 

To make your purchase a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, the article has gathered a list of the five best laptops that will hopefully meet your requirements. Here is a brief overview of these laptops:

Table 1: List of the Best Laptops for Programming


Unique function



HP 14” HD Laptop

Best for business and students

Operating system: Win10 Home in S mode

HP TrueVision HD Camera

Video graphics:

AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics


Lenovo IdeaPad 15.6" FHD

It is equally suitable for student, programming, and business


latest 11th generation Intel Quad-Core i5-1135G7 Processor
Hard Drive:


Operating System: Windows 10

Intel UHD

2021 HP Beat i5-7200U

Lightweight and small


AMD Radeon

Operating System: Windows 10

14 inches 1366 x 768 HD


Dell Inspiron 17 7000

Best for personal use and programming


Intel Iris Xe Graphics

32GB DDR4, 3200MHz

11th Generation Intel Core i7-1165G7
Hard Drive:

Operating System: Windows 11 Home

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

Best for gaming and programming

Graphics Coprocessor:

Intel Iris Xe

Hard Drive:

‎512 GB SSD

‎2.6 GHz apple_ci5
Operating System: ‎Windows 11 Home
Item Weight:

5.62 pounds

1. 2022 Hp 14″ Hd Laptop – The Programming Laptop For Both Business And Students!

HP has recently launched a silver body laptop with a 14” screen and 1 TB hard drive that makes it perfect for both business and students. The laptop is built to fulfill the needs of the user whether he/she is a student or has to develop complex games. 

With a powerful processor, upgraded storage, high-definition display, and whatnot, the laptop possesses all features that make it stand out among other brands. 

laptop for programming and business

During programming either doing a coding assignment as a student or developing a 3D complex game as an entrepreneur, your laptop must have strong internals and the processor is one of the most vital internals. 

HP integrates AMD Ryzen’s mobile processor that tends to uplift your performance both as a student and businessman and allows you to multitask seamlessly. The high efficiency and power in addition to spectacular HD visuals are some other perks offered by this laptop. 

The upgraded 16GB RAM allows you to test and run your games smoothly. Moreover, you can open multiple browser tabs and programs even while doing photo or video editing. 

The huge storage space for huge files is no longer a challenge for you. A 1TB HDD and 128 GB SSD allow you to store, import, and export heavy digital data without interrupting your laptop.    

For all programming enthusiasts who do not want to compromise their work quality, HP 14” HD laptop is the best choice for them.

High-definition display
Powerful Processor
Upgraded storage 
You can easily store, import, and export digital files
Poor customer service

2. Lenovo IdeaPad – The Powerful multipurpose Programming Laptop

The Grey colored 15.6” touch screen laptop by Lenovo is the perfect programming laptop for students, gaming, and business. It is equally suitable for different levels of programming due to its strong intel processor and high-bandwidth RAM. 

multipurpose laptop for programming

Whether you have to work from home or you have to take online classes, the Lenovo IdeaPad laptop is equally useful for you. The Laptop can serve the needs of multiple programmers due to its strong CPU which is powered by an 11th generation Intel core i5 processor. Apart from incredible speed and efficiency, the Intel Iris XE graphics is perfect for multitasking and light gaming performance.  

Moreover, 32 GB RAM allows you to run different games and applications at the fastest speed. The powerful hard drive of 1TB further facilitates the users in storing huge digital files. And the touch screen gives you hands-on control of all games and applications while working on this laptop. 

Buying Lenovo IdeaPad will allow you to relish high-speed file sharing, online game playing, and web surfing. Therefore, it is the best option for those who are looking for a laptop that can serve their varying programming needs.

Touch screen
High-resolution screen
Powerful processor and strong RAM
Easy to store digital data
Seven hours of battery life
There is no backlight on the keyboard
Have to download a lot of updates from Lenovo

3. 2021 HP Beat i5-7200U – The Best lightweight Programming Laptop

The HP HD Laptop 2021 offers its users a lightweight yet fast, quick, smooth running, and easy-to-set-up laptop. Moreover, its high-quality speed and performance make it perfect for programming. 

lightweight laptop for programming

Whether you have to take your laptop along with you as a student or you are traveling for business purposes, the 2021 HP HD laptop offers you maximum portability due to its sleek body and lightweight. 

Despite its lightweight, a pack of high-end features is present in it for all programmers. These features include a powerful AMD Athlon Mobile Processor coupled with Radeon Graphics for the fastest speed while testing and running different codes. And strong RAM and hard disc that simplifies the process of storing and transferring heavy digital files regularly.

Therefore, any of you looking for a lightweight programming laptop must not ignore the 2021 HP HD laptop. 

Lightweight and small
10 hours of battery life
Easy to set
High-quality display
Inadequate technical supportIssue of overheating

4. Dell Inspiron 17 7000 – The Personal Use Programming Laptop

When you are selecting a laptop for programming, it does not mean that you do not expect high-end features prevalent within these laptops. Dell Inspiron 17 7000 is the best laptop that aims at fulfilling your both programming and personal needs. No matter whether you want to do your work, enjoy watching a video or browse the web, it cares for your all needs. 

personal use laptop for programming

The recent 11th generation Intel Core i7 makes it powerful enough to perform tasks relevant to both programming and personal use effectively. Moreover, the 17 “ display, Intel Iris Graphics, and flip and fold design not only make programming an enjoyable task but also makes the laptop perfect for gaming, watching videos, commercial enterprise, remote working, and zoom learning. 

Apart from speed, the personal use programming laptop also promises to provide you with good storage capabilities. The upgraded RAM and hard disc not only allow you to run different applications at a time without any streaming but also allow you to transfer heavy digital files easily. 

With this laptop, you need not worry whether you have to send your coding assignment to your supervisor, share a video with your friend, or download a new game, this laptop understands your both personal and programming needs and aspirations. 

Thus, Dell Inspiron is the best option for you if you are looking for a laptop that can serve your personal needs as well apart from being a programming expert. 

Fast speed
Touch screen
Best value for money
It does not have a lighted keyboard.
The fingerprint feature does not work well.

5. Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

The best gaming and programming laptops are the ones that do not compromise performance and portability. Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio promises to offer you powerful specs and high-end features within a sleek, portable, and professional body. 

touch screen laptop for programming

Moreover, the laptop also offers an incredible and fast refreshing screen that is essential for a profound gaming experience. 

Inspired by the gaming features of this laptop? If not then let’s delve deeper into the unique features that make it perfect for ensuring a memorable gaming experience. 

With this laptop, you delegate all your workload easily due to its most powerful Quad Core powered 11th Gen Intel Core H Series processor that promises to handle all your simple and complex tasks efficiently. 

Furthermore, its sleek design and slim body, coupled with Slim Pen allow you to enjoy a spectacular gaming experience even if you are traveling either for study or business. 

The uniform colors, bright contrast, and pixel sense flow touch display promise to give you a smooth and outstanding display which further enhances the gaming experience. Interestingly, the laptop also possesses Dolby Vision IQ6 which enables the laptop to adjust to the altering light conditions in the surroundings. 

Therefore, for any of you looking for the best gaming laptop, the Microsoft Surface Studio Laptop is the best option for you. 

Very powerful laptop
Great touch experience
Fast performance
Good for photo and video editing
Battery life is not good

Things To Consider While Buying A Programming Laptop

To further simplify the buying process and make it hassle-free, the article has also gathered some important things that you must consider while buying a laptop for programming. 

Here you go.

  • Big built-in screen as it will give you bigger space to work
  • External display support via HDMI in case you have to work with multiple windows simultaneously
  • High-performing processor as it will offer fast performance
  • RAM should not be less than 16 GB as otherwise, it will affect the quality of your work
  • Preferably the SSD must be 512 GB as it will facilitate you to store and transfer heavy digital files easily
  • Choose the operating system that suits your programming needs
  • Peripheral keyboards are discouraged for programmers. Therefore you can choose from a full-size ten keyless keyboard design according to your need and convenience.  

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. What are key components of laptops that are suitable for programming?

Efficient programming is dependent upon the internal components of laptops. These components include CPU, storage, and RAM. Moreover, you must also check the keyboard and touchpad of the laptop while purchasing as you have to do a lot of typing during programming. 

  1. Can I upgrade the internals of my laptop for programming in the future?

Most laptops cannot be upgraded for programming as compared to desktops. There are only a few laptops in which you can only change the RAM and storage of your laptops. Therefore, you must buy a laptop after doing meticulous research. 

  1. Which is the best option for programming out of Apple-based systems and Intel?

Apple-based systems provide you with more support and compatibility through its innovative programming applications and IDEs as compared to intel.  

Final Thoughts

Buying the best laptop for programming is no longer a boresome and challenging task. This buying guide has provided you with all the relevant information that you must have before buying. 

With this guide, you can easily buy a laptop according to your programming needs and rock the floor through innovative programs and games. 

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