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KYB vs Monroe Shocks and Struts: High Performers with the Differences

We all want a smooth and stable vehicle. Shocks and struts are the critical components in the suspension system that ensure this comfort. 

A popular misconception is that shocks and struts are the same things. Well, it’s not. On the contrary, shocks absorb all the vibration created when your car comes into contact with a surface. Struts account for stability by supporting the vehicle weight. 

Monroe and KYB are some of the top competitors making these vital car components. They offer First class shocks and struts. 

As a consumer, you need full closure of all the talking points to buy the products. 

Therefore, we’ve created this Monroe vs. KYB comparison article to walk you through the details and ultimately leading towards a purchase decision.

Product Table: Kyb and Monroe Shocks & Struts




KYB Excel


KYB MonoMax


Detail comparison of Kyb vs Monroe Shocks and Struts

There are three main differences between Kyb and Monroe Struts, Shocks and Kyb:

  • Kyb strut and shocks are produced in Japan, whereas Monroe shocks and struts are made in the USA.
  • Kyb shocks and strut can be used on rough terrains, while Monroe shocks or struts work well-built roads.
  • The Kyb struts and the shocks of Kyb are more suited for slower speeds. Monroe shocks, struts, and struts are a great fit for higher speed.

Quality-wise, OEM ones should be the first things when you are planning to purchase. The current performance specifications and the configurations of your vehicle will help you decide which brand is best for your car.

Both brands have distinct advantages, as you might already know. We’ll give you a breakdown of the key differences and features you will encounter when installing either Kyb struts or Monroe strut systems in your vehicle.

Installation Process

When choosing the right strut or shock system for you, it is essential to consider the steps needed to install the unit. Kyb makes it simple to replace and install your strut or shock system. The springs in these struts/shocks are firm and rigid. With KYB struts in place, your rear wheels will be a lot more ease. Kyb eliminates the need to compress the spring rate to do so.

Monroe shock absorber systems are more challenging to install. Menu Monroe offers excellent suitability. Monroe mounts are easy to install, but you need to get hold of them first. However, the vehicle is the ultimate deciding factor in how difficult it will be to install them.

Before you replace a set, make sure to take into account the vehicle’s specific configuration.


The cost of struts or shocks for your vehicle’s suspension system is another critical consideration. Although Kyb shocks and struts are generally $20 cheaper than Monroe products, this price difference is higher overall quality. The cost isn’t a huge difference, but it plays a vital role in winning the verdict of local automotive shops. Cancel menu Monroe if your operation is reasonably low. 

The installation cost of both brands will be approximately the same regardless of where your car is.

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Our Top Recommendations Shocks and Struts

Here are some shocks and struts we recommend. It would be best to consider the specific benefits and enhancements each recommendation will bring to your vehicle.

KYB Excel-G Shocks & Struts

KYB Excel-G Shocks & Struts

The KYB Excel: G Shocks & Shocks are an OEM part that offers standard control and handling performance in everyday driving conditions. These shocks and struts will restore your vehicle’s original version and allow you to feel confident in the quality of the parts.

Shocks and struts can be used with worn suspension parts having original springs, allowing handling improvements of your vehicle.

The internal element and valving on these shocks and struts come with specific vehicle configurations in mind. These struts have strut mounts that use OEM strut specifications. They can fit your vehicle’s front or rear shocks without any modifications or extra fabrication. Unlike Gabriel ultras, these shocks and struts are KYB Excel-G products and come with extra bolts and a lifetime warranty.

KYB Gas-a-Just Shocks & Struts

KYB Gas-a-Just Shocks & Struts

The KYB Gas-a-Just Shocks & Struts improve your steering potential by up to 30% compared to OEM parts. Good luck finding shocks and struts this good in the market. 

These shock absorbers and springs come with a monotube design to prevent shock fade over time. Thanks to the twin-tube design on these shocks, you will also notice improved vehicle control, stability, and handling.

These shocks and struts offer a firmer ride height and enhanced control in almost all driving conditions. You’ll also notice that they have a responsive monotube design that automatically adjusts to any driving conditions you may encounter, regardless of where you are. Thanks to the new springs added to the shocks. 

These shock brands use high-pressure gas shocks, which enhance the performance and aggressiveness of heavy loads, even in the rear wheels. You’ll be astonished at how good these replacement parts are. 

 KYB MonoMax Shocks & Struts

KYB MonoMax Shocks & Struts

The KYB MonoMax Shocks & Struts provides maximum control for all sorts of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, and vans. Lifted cars can easily accommodate mono max shocks and struts. These struts and shocks also include a new spring and an off-road shaft boot that deflects dirt and gives them a more aggressive appearance than other options.

These shocks and struts are capable of enduring the most challenging road conditions without experiencing malfunctions or breakdowns.

They are durable, last a long time, and can be used with heavier vehicles such as diesel trucks. This upgrade is significant and exactly what you need if your rock auto needs more towing, plowing, and hauling power.

KYB AGX Shocks & Struts

4. KYB AGX Shocks & Struts

If you are looking to replace struts, KYB AGX Shocks & Struts are perfect for high-geared sports drivers, making them the flawless fit for those vehicles used to race or perform well on any road.

Depending on your vehicle, you can adjust the shocks or struts using an external knob, springs, and slot. The system has various damping rates that can be adjusted to suit your needs, regardless of road conditions.

This pair has a damping range of up to 125% for a platform that is already vested with superb tools, making them one the most versatile on the market.

These are our top picks for shocks and struts from both companies. Before making a purchase decision, consider what your vehicle requires. All of these systems can provide performance upgrades, handling improvements, and many other benefits.

You can find the correct shocks and struts from the same brand for your truck or car if you consider all the factors.

Kyb vs Monroe Shocks and Struts: Take a Buying decision

Overall Performance

Monroe’s struts and shocks mount easily and are much stiffer and more reliable than Kyb’s. Monroe quick struts and shock absorbers are more flexible than their competitors, making them ideal for standard vehicles rather than high-performance cars.

Kyb shocks and struts are an excellent fit for performance and handling—one of the reasons why many owners of premium vehicles and sports cars choose them over other options.

We’ve received complaints from the customer about Monroe struts and shocks: their softness and inability to contact road surfaces like highways.

If you’re primarily driving on paved roads, this is fine. But if your goal is to go offroad or drive a performance car, the Kyb brand will be better for you than Monroe.

Best Value

After considering all the factors, you’ll find that the brand that provides the most value for your vehicle will depend on what type of vehicle you have and what kind of driving you do. When deciding between these brands, you should consider the performance enhancements and overall drivability you desire.


The winner between Monroe and Kyb is Kyb’s shocks and struts. It is because of how solid their shock absorber systems they have compared to Monroe’s.

Kyb shocks and struts will provide a more stable and reliable ride than Monroe’s, and the mounts will last much longer than their competitors. Kyb suspension systems will give you better performance.

While they are more expensive, the value and long-term performance benefits you get from a set of Kyb shocks and struts are far greater than those you purchase a set of Monroe shocks or struts. If price is not a significant factor, you should choose Kyb shocks or struts instead of Monroe to choose between the two brands.

FAQ of Kyb vs Monroe Shocks and Struts

Are KYB shock absorbers any good?

KYB shocks are an excellent choice. They live up to the expectation, and they have a sharp price point. 

Installing the KYB shocks will instantly improve your handling and ride comfort, not to mention the superb stability. 

The company offers a lot of options. The wider variation is to meet the customer demand. 

And the shocks have a surprisingly long service life. KYB shocks are OEM quality shocks that will serve you for many years to come. 

Is Monroe a good car part brand?

Yes, it certainly is. 

Monroe shocks come with a unique fluon-banded piston design. The design allows the wonders to last longer and ensure ride quality at the same time. 

Monroe, as a brand, is known for its reliable and affordable products. The limited lifetime warranty on the shocks makes it even more lucrative. 

Even with heavy towing, Monroe struts will put up with it, and as a result, you’ll have superior control over your vehicle.  


We have covered all the essential features and factors you should consider when buying Monroe or KYB components for your vehicle, whether a Honda Accord or a Toyota.

Before deciding which new shocks or struts are best for your vehicle, these factors should be considered, ensuring that your car is stable and performs well for many years. This Monroe vs. Kyb comparison will help you find the perfect pair of shocks or struts for your vehicle.

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