Fcs Struts Review: Top 3 Complete Assembly Models

FCS Struts are one of the best suspension systems you can get for your vehicle. They come in different sizes and types to fit tight budgets, but they are not cheap. Though they are not such expensive struts & have a budget friendly price, the price is worth it. Because these struts help with both safety and performance! 

We’ll discuss what FCS struts review, what they do, how they work, why you should buy them, and anything else that may be important to know before making a purchase decision.

Our Favourite 3 FSC Struts





FCS 1335532L

  • ‎18.67 pounds

  • ‎28 x 9 x 9 inches

FCS 1335793

  • ‎19.39 pounds

  • ‎23 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches

FCS 1332319R

  • ‎22 pounds

  • ‎24 x 9 x 9 inches

Who Makes FCS Car Struts?

Unboxing FCS Struts for review

FCS makes FCS struts & shocks in China. They have been making high-quality parts for the surfing industry since 1995. They are one of the first car suspension industries and have a very good reputation for their products. FCS products are durable, versatile, and have a long life.

They also have been making environmentally friendly parts. They do this by using recycled materials and other eco-friendly products when they’re designing their equipment.

Benefits: Why Should I Get Fcs Struts for My Car?

FCS Struts box

FCS has been making high-quality products for a while now and has made an excellent name for itself in the car suspension industry. Their shock & struts will be great if you want something with heavy duty construction and well performance on the road.

Another good reason why you should get FCS automotive struts for your vehicle is that they fit on most cars. They have a wide range of applications, so you can get them for your car and know that you will be getting something reliable.

Once again, FCS has made an excellent product with the struts & shocks. You should consider investing a couple of bucks more for these high-quality parts from a dedicated company to making great parts.

FCS Struts Review: Key Features

Overall Performance

The design of the strut bar was done in CAD, and then an aluminum mold was made for production. Each engine bay has a custom fitment (CAD designed) brace to maximize strength and has outstanding production ability without sacrificing any ground clearance. The FCS car struts & shocks product is manufactured from aircraft-grade 6061T Aluminum alloy, which ensures that it’s light, strong, and durable on rough terrain.

Weight capacities

The FCS car struts product can support up to 400LB of weight.


This strut bar would fit most applications with engine bays between 15″ and 19″ wide, as the diameter of the bar is 14.25″.

FCS Struts


This product can be installed in just a few minutes by anyone who has basic knowledge of cars and tools like wrenches, pliers, etc. It’s recommended to use a thread lock on all hardware during installation to ensure that struts stay put for years together without any movement.


The FCS automotive struts & shocks have a limited warranty of one year against any manufacturing defects or failure to function properly. If there are certain problems with the strut bar during this period, you can get it replaced at no cost by contacting them through their website. Don’t worry; you will have a quick response.

Various sizes

To cater different types of cars, the FCS car struts are available in three different sizes depending on your engine bay size. They are-

Fits 14 “-15” wide engine bays

Their wider variation would suit most imported sports compact cars like Nissan 350z etc.

Fits 15 “-16” wide engine bays

This version would be suitable for most modern sedans like Honda Accord etc.

Fits 16 “-19” wide engine bays

This version would be ideal for older muscle cars, Euro & JDM cars.


FCS car struts are available at the lowest price range, which makes struts easy for anyone who is looking out to upgrade their suspension system and make it more rigid.

Other important features

The strut bar is designed with a slight bend to provide extra clearance for the coil springs and ensure no contact between them during installation.

FCS car struts have gas charged design and the bar has a slot for the use of a strut brace. Also, it provides additional strength to the engine Bay Area by tying in two sections together with bolts on both ends.


  • Lightweight.
  • Durable and strong.
  • Very easy to install, this will save time.


  • We couldn’t find any cons.

Best 3 FCS Complete Strut Assembly models in 2021

FCS 1335532L Complete Strut Assembly

FCS 1335532L Complete Strut Assembly

FCS 1335532L Complete Strut Assembly is also known as FCS133553-32. These struts have a dimension of 127x63x69 cm, and it weighs 18.67 pounds. This product is designed for outdoor use, with an aluminum alloy structural integrity that can resist heavy loads, corrosion, or rusting due to atmospheric agents.

The FCS133553-32 is a complete strut assembly. Its air chamber has an inner diameter of 102×64 mm, and it can be inflated with nitrogen to adjust the height between 36 and 75 cm. This product also comes with two push buttons for manual adjustment, which allows you to deflate or inflate when necessary.

FCS133553-32 is composed of a base, two arms, and a knob for manual adjustment. The main material used to produce this product is aluminum alloy with an anodized finish. There are also rubber pads in the arm section that protect it from any kind of damage or friction when you use your outdoor furniture set on it.

FCS 1335793 Complete Strut Assembly

FCS 1335793 Complete Strut Assembly

The complete FCS 1335793 strut assembly is designed for all 1968-74 GM A and G-body cars (Chevelle, Monte Carlo, Cutlass, GS). It comes with hard chrome piston rod arms that provide a good balance between strength and appearance.

This strut also has new upper coil springs designed to be used with the original fast absorbency style shock. And these struts will give you proper control on installation by requiring no welding or cutting on these factory stamped steel arms for increased safety and durability. This is an important factor since we want your car to have better ride quality than ever before!

Lightweight aluminum upper control arms are now included to reduce unsprung weight and improve handling. The upper arm is also a direct replacement of the original GM part, but with an improved design that allows for more precise alignment settings, which can help your vehicle achieve better steering feedback and performance!

FCS 1332319R Complete Strut Assembly

FCS 1332319R Complete Strut Assembly is specifically designed to be used in Roush applications. It’s the correct replacement for many vehicles, including 

  • 1970-1975 Ford Mustang (except Mach I)
  • 1971-1973 Mercury Cougar
  • 1969 -1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II.

This FCS Strut Assembly is manufactured to be as close as possible to OE quality. It’s made from the original blueprints and own manufacturing warehouse, using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, such as:

FCS 1332319R Complete Strut Assembly is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and strength, As well as excellent ride quality for your vehicle’s suspension system.

FAQs of FCS struts

Does FCS make good struts?

FCS is a reliable company that makes good quality products. Their parts will give you longevity and, at the same time, dependability for years to come. They have been in the market since the early 1950s, which shows they continue to grow their business year after year. This goes along with how long their struts can last as well!

Alternative brands of FCS struts?

Here is a list of FCS car struts alternatives:

  1. Monroe struts/ quick struts
  2. Kyb struts
  3. Detroit Axle struts
  4. OREDY struts
  5. Masterpro struts
  6. OSC struts
  7. Sensen struts


This article has been a complete guide and FCS struts review. We have talked about their models, how they work and where you can find them on the Central American markets. This is an outstanding option if you are looking forward to installing new strut assemblies in your car or truck!

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