Dymo 450 vs 4XL Label Writer: Comparison Guide

To add an extra feather to the professionalism level of your business, Dymo Printers are undoubtedly your knight in shining armor.

Being best in business since 1958, Dymo has outshined every other brand and been prominent by manufacturing a globally acknowledged line of label writers.

Despite having a great buzz about all the models of this brand, the particular Dymo 450 vs 4XL debate is been trending on the internet these days.

These two models have been a dipstick of excellence in different aspects yet have some basic differences as well.

Dymo 4XL excels in sheet size, Dymo 450 in the price range.

Well, this is just a preview, to get a detailed comparison among the Dymo 450 vs 4XL, spare a minute and stick to the content by the end.

Dymo 450 vs 4XL Key Differences: Comparison Table and Detailed Assessment

This quick comparison table will give you a specified difference between Dymo 450 vs 4XL.


Dymo 450

Dymo 4XL

Print Resolution

300 x 600 dpi

300 dpi

Label Size

up to 2 5/16″

½ inch x 1 inch to 4 x 6 Inches

Label Speed Per Minute



Shipping Labels

Not applicable



Direct Thermal Technology

Direct Thermal Technology


7.25 x 4.87 x 5.75 inches

10.25 x 10 x 10 inches

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Not available

Not available

Label Color

Black/ White


Now, the next segment covers a comprehensive and extended guide to differentiate between the attributes of these models.

Cost Efficiency

Dymo 450: Considering the price point, this particular model is not the cheapest but extremely cost-effective. Comparing all the other brands that even don’t promise such premium features, Dymo 450 is pocket friendly.

Dymo 4XL: The most expensive in this list, this printer is more in the high-end range when it comes to the price tag. But it demands what it provides and justifies the price range. Dymo 4XL is one of the pioneering models to print extra-large shipping labels thus worth the price range.

Target Customers

Dymo 450: It targets the customers with a small business who does have a moderate need for labels. Even for personal labeling, this printer works get. For users who mostly need classroom graphic works, customized texts, and badges, barcodes in a moderate quantity, this label printer is just the best.

Dymo 4XL: This one targets mostly the professional needs; international online shipping labels, large and standard shipping labels, barcodes, price tags, badges all these on a professional level can be availed through this Labelwriter.

User Experience

Dymo 450: This Dymo model is very compact and small in dimension thus it is extremely easy to carry here and there. Operating this printer is also easy and compatibility with PC and Mac makes it more user friendly.

Dymo 4XL: Among all three models, this is the most lightweight Labelwriter. Highly portable and all-in-one machine (it prints almost all types of labels), this printer alone can handle all the tasks.

Manufacturing Purpose

Dymo 450: This Labelwriter is manufactured basically to offer a great printer that can create and print different labels at a great speed within a moderate price range. This is an older version of the 450 Turbo yet has its excellence for small amount printing.

Dymo 4XL: This one undoubtedly is manufactured to meet the needs of professionals. 4XL though is not the latest addition to the Dymo family but it takes the legacy forward being the most versatile one. This one is added to the line to ensure utmost versatility.

Postage Printing

Dymo 450: Capable of printing postage through Endicia applications but users need to pay an up-gradation fee.

Dymo 4XL: The same goes for this model, postage printing needs a certain amount as a fee.

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Dymo LabelWriter 450– Best for Personal/ Less Volume Labels

Credit: Ceneo.pl

The Dymo 450 is engineered to ensure utmost quality within a budget; considering the performance, it can compete with any premium range label printers, but it costs way less. The simple, sleek design makes the usage highly customer-friendly and capable of printing 51 labels per minute. From filing to mailing, barcode, address, or even customized texts from Microsoft word, outlook, excel and Google contacts can be printed efficiently with this printer. Users don’t have to put their effort into inserting ink or toner, the thermal printing technology sets you free from all these hassles. 

Main Features

  • Label Size: up to 2 5/16″ wide labels
  • Labels Per Minute: 51
  • Print Resolution: 300 x 600 dpi
  • Direct Thermal Technology ensures performance-driven and clear labels every time
  • Capable of printing USPS postage, barcode labels, Endicia, file folders, address, and customized graphics
  • Compatible with Mac OS X v10.8 or later and Pc (Windows 7), Microsoft Word, outlook, excel, Mac address book, and Google contacts.
  • Runs on roll tapes

Package Includes

  • LabelWriter 450 Label Printer, Adapter, Power Cable, Address Labels Starter Roll, USB Cable, and Quick Start Guide – PC and Mac

Things We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Pocket friendly
  • Works fast and efficient
  • Customized labeling is possible

Dymo LabelWriter 4XL– Best Large Shipping Label Printer

This LabelWriter suits your professional needs of printing extra-large labels; be it warehouse labels, barcode labels or shipping labels, or any large format labels, it can create and print them with ultimate accuracy. When we say large shipping labels it means 4 x 6 Inches of large professional-grade shipping labels. Moreover, the users get to choose from 60 different label templates even customized graphics or texts are also applicable. This multi-tasking machine is superfast as well; it prints 53 standard 4 line address label and 129 high capacity 4 line address within a minute.

Main Features

  • Label Size: from ½ inch x 1 inch to 4 x 6 Inches 
  • Labels Per Minute: 53 standard 4 line address label and 129 high capacity 4 line address
  • Print Resolution: 300 dpi 
  • Prints label directly from international platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy
  • Compatible with Mac OS X v10.10 or later, Windows 7 or later, and Dymo stamps
  • Prints barcodes, address, bulk mailing and filling labels, and USPS approved postage
  • Directly prints from Microsoft word, Excel, Outlook, Google contacts

Package Includes

LabelWriter 4XL Label Printer, Roll 104 mm x 159 mm oversized shipping labels, Power Cable, Adapter, USB Cable, and Quick Start Guide

Things We Like

  • Does not need ink
  • Prints extra-large shipping labels
  • Offers a variety of label options
  • High speed and user friendly

Facts to Consider While Choosing the Best Dymo LabelWriter

As Dymo has a wide range of products, picking up just one among all of them can be tricky and time-consuming. Moreover, all the models are great but choosing the right one that suits your needs in particular needs a lot of research. Thus we have put together all the basic and necessary aspects that must be in your preferred Dymo LabelWriter model.

Printing Speed

Printing speed is the most vital feature in any of the label writers. If you need a printer for shopping malls, supermarkets or restaurants, or retail businesses, you must choose high-speed printers. For personal use or a small amount of printing, moderate speed printer can do the job. But always avoid printers that are slow in speed cause that can be frustrating.


This is very important to have a flexible user experience. The printer must be compatible with IOS, windows, and Mac systems. Moreover, wireless connection such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is highly appreciated. Again the direct connection with Microsoft Word, Excel, or Google contacts can add extra comfort to the user.

Battery Life

Wireless Labelwriters must have extended battery life. Lithium-Ion batteries with 1500mAh power are standard. The more powerful the battery will be, the more it will be effective.

Label Size

The label size depends totally on your requirements. If you want normal labels for barcodes, price tag, or merchandise labeling, 2 inches label size is okay. But for commercial use, at least a 4-inch label size is mandatory.


Usually, printers with 200 dpi resolution are great for barcodes or price tags and all other normal labels. But for professional quality shipping labels and some aesthetic graphics, 300 dpi resolution would be the best choice.

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Ease of Use: Benefits of Dymo LabelWriter

Dymo LabelWriter with charger and user guide

Improved Printing Speed

Dymo LabelWriters are faster than most of the traditional printers as the printing heads can create images within milliseconds and can print up to 71 labels in a single minute.

Low Cost

These printers do not require ink or toner to print labels thus cuts down the cost to a significant level. Dymo printers anyways come cheaper than other high-end brands.


Most of the printers have a mentionable warranty and the exclusive built material keeps it long-lasting.

Label Quality

Each of the printers ensures high quality, precise, accurate, and crystal clear labels with zero manual effort.

Compact Size

Dymo models are compact in size and dimension thus can be installed within the tiniest space.


What is the difference between Dymo 450 and 450 Turbo?

The 450 Turbo is the upgraded version; all the features are the same besides the speed. The 450 Turbo prints 71 labels and the traditional 450 prints 51 labels in a minute.

Is Dymo 4xl Bluetooth?

No, it is not. It does not support a wireless connection thus is not compatible with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Can Dymo 4xl print small labels?

Being extremely versatile it can print both small (postage, barcodes, address) and big labels (the international shipping labels).

Does Dymo 450 print 4×6?

No, it does not. It can print up to 2.2″ labels. Dymo 4XL can print 4×6 inch labels.

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The Dymo 450 vs 4XL comparison will help the buyers to select the best-suited products for their requirements. For industrial-strength capacity, Dymo 4XL might be the choice and for informal printing, Dymo 450 must be the pick.

Now, let us know among these 2 models which one will be your cherry-pick?

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