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Delphi Ignition Coil Review: Complete Guide

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The ignition coil is a small electrical inductor that raises the voltage of your battery from 12V to 40,000V.Ignition coils fail for a variety of reasons, including age or being overworked. For example, if the spark plugs are damaged out or the wires are experiencing enough resistance, the ignition system will have to work much … Read more

SKF vs Timken vs MOOG Wheel Bearings (Comparison with Buying Guide)

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Whether you are particularly an automobile enthusiast or a random driver, nothing can be more pleasing than a frictionless and noiseless controlled driving experience to any driver. And have you any idea regarding the silent hero that hushes friction, noise, and tire wear? Well, Wheel Bearings is the answer. These are basically steel balls, composed … Read more

Oredy Struts vs Monroe Quick Struts: An in Depth Review with Comparison

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It’s not often that your struts need replacement. So why not take your time before purchasing some high-quality strut assemblies? Investing in a good strut set can ensure that your car remains in excellent condition for many years. As a result, finding the best struts for your car model will significantly improve the quality of … Read more

Bosch vs NGK vs Denso Spark Plugs: Comparison Guide

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Looking to buy new spark plugs? Want to replace your worn-out sparks with OE quality? NGK, Bosch, Denso spark plugs are three top-quality plugs that are ruling the market and to be true, there’s haven’t been much discussion about sparks plugs before these phenomena. It’s not just the performance that makes these plugs so desired, … Read more