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Top 5 Best Electric Pressure Washer 2021

An electric pressure washer is great for a wide variety of cleaning jobs at home. You can use an electric power washer over just a hose since the greater water pressure cleans better. At the same time, electric pressure washers are less powerful than their gas-powered counterparts so they’re less to damage the furniture, patios, and small decks you’re trying to maintain.

The best electric pressure washer offers several advantages that you won’t find in the gas pressure washer. For one, it’s usually more affordable. It’s quieter, so it doesn’t bother the home residents and the neighbors too much. It’s easier to carry because it’s typically lighter in weight. It’s easier to use since you can just start and stop right away by pressing the trigger.

It doesn’t need too much maintenance and you don’t have any exhaust emissions. Generally, it’s also small enough that you can store it indoors without having to winterize with antifreeze.

Of course, it’s not quite a portable pressure washer since you need to be near enough to a power outlet. Also, even the best electric pressure washers may not match the stain removal capacity of the gas variants.

Top 5 Best Electric Pressure Washer Models 2021

Here are the best electric power washers you should take a look at.

Below is a detailed review of all the 5 best electric pressure washers.

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is designed for easy use by homeowners eager to get rid of dirt and stains from garage floors, sides of homes, and patios. Even children won’t have any difficulty in using this, since you can start it right away just by pushing a button. It’s lightweight at 31 pounds, and it also comes with rear wheels you can just pull this along with you.

The power cord is long enough at 35 feet and the 20-ft length of the pressure hose is more than sufficient as well. It’s also quiet, and the impact of the pressurized water makes more noise.

It offers 2030 psi and 1.76 GPM from its 14.5 1800-watt electric motors. This makes it suitable even for light to heavy-duty tasks. It comes with a 34-inch wand with 5 different “quick connect” spray tips, with 4 different angles (0º, 15º, 25º, and 40º) and for soap. These nozzles work very well and they’re actually easy to change.

With this power and accessories, you can remove rust in steel components, caked mud, mildew and oil stains, and in some cases even grease and tar stains. You can clean backyards and driveways and reach even more difficult areas such as the inside of drainage pipes, gutters, and rooftops.

It also features dual 0.9L tanks that allow you to use 2 different types of detergents, such as a mild soap and a stronger detergent. The detergent control mechanism allows you to switch from one type of soap to another without having to stop the spray.

It is very durable for the most part. While it uses mostly plastic components, the plastic used is actually quite tough so they can last longer. The fittings and the hose are especially durable due to the tough plastic used. It also comes with a “total stop system” that shuts down the pump automatically when you’re not pulling on the trigger. This saves energy and helps in prolonging the lifespan of the pump.

The customer support is quite helpful and they’re prompt with their responses. The model is approved by the CSA Group and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Pros & Cons Of Sun Joe SPX3000


  • It’s easy to use.
  • You can use it for a wide variety of tasks.
  • It allows you to clean normally difficult areas.
  • It’s easy to switch from one detergent to another.
  • It can last for several years.


  • The main “danger” point is the attachment point between the metal pipe and the plastic fitting. That plastic fitting may not last long if you’re not careful in putting the metal pipe in.
  • It’s not really powerful enough to get rid of really stubborn stains.


Conclusion: This is great when you need to clean surfaces with different types of dirt and stains. With the dual soap tanks, you can remove different problems without pausing in your work. It’s easy to use and very effective for various cleaning tasks, and young teens may find that with this the cleaning chores are actually fun.


Sun Joe SPX3001

Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

The SPX3001 is actually the new version of the previous SPX3000. It looks very different, although it keeps many of the old features of its predecessor.

The power remains the same, as it uses the same 14.5-amp 1800W motor. It offers up to 2030 psi and 1.76 GPM of water. That’s the same kind of power that lets you clean driveways and backyards. You then get the same 5 different “quick connect” spray tips, with 4 different angles (0º, 15º, 25º, and 40º) and for soap.

The electric power cord is just as long at 35 feet, so you don’t need to keep unplugging the cord to reach other areas. The hose remains at the same length at 20 feet and the extension spray wand still measures 34 inches. You can therefore get to clean behind the grills, beneath the decks, and inside drainage pipes. The “total stop system” is still part of the design, so when you don’t engage the trigger the unit automatically shuts off the pump.

The SPX3001 is heavier only by a single pound, so the new 32-pound weight isn’t any trouble since you have rear wheels. The most obvious difference is that now you have a keel for the 20-foot hose, so you can reel the hose in when you’re done with your cleaning task. This makes storage much easier because in the old SPX3000 you had to wrap the cord around the unit so it’s tidy when you store it away.

However, this design also got rid of the dual detergent tank system of the SPX3000. Now instead of 2 tanks measuring 0.9L each, you now get a single tank that’s larger at 1.2L.

Aside from these differences, everything else remains the same. You get the same toughness for the plastic parts, it’s also CSA-approved, and the warranty lasts for 2 years. The customer support is still excellent with its prompt and helpful responses.


  • It’s still lightweight and easy to bring along.
  • Changing from one nozzle tip to another isn’t a problem.
  • The new keel for the cord makes it easier for you to tidy up the cord.
  • The larger soap container is very useful when you only need one type of soap.
  • The longer power cord lets you clean large areas without having to find new sockets.
  • It’s very durable for the most part.


  • The hose connector is not sturdy. It is made up of plastic.
  • Again Hose Caddy is not strong.


Conclusion: The keel for the electric cord is a nice touch, and it’s basically just as reliable and easy to use as its predecessor. The main difference of the SPX3001 with the older SPX3000 is that there’s just a single detergent tank here and it’s bigger. If you only use a single soap for your cleaning tasks, then the SPX3001 is your best bet of the two.


Ivation IVA-9175L

Orange colour Ivation IVA-9175L Electric Pressure Washer

Many pressure washer users don’t really want to buy 2 models if one will do fine, and the IVA-9175L is certainly a good example of an all-in-one pressure washer. First of all, the water pressure can get to 2200 psi and the water flow can reach 1.8 GPM. That should be more than sufficient for stubborn dirt and stains.

At the same time, you do have a choice when it comes to water output. You have 5 different nozzles ranging from 0 to 40 degrees, and one is for the soap. There’s also an extra turbo wand for really stubborn cleaning tasks, and it can be used to clean the 2nd floor of your house or the undercarriage of your vehicle.

The setup is easy enough, as you can complete the entire procedure in 30 seconds. You just have 3 different attachments to do and you’re ready to go. It has a handle so you can pull it around along on its 2 rear wheels. It also only weighs 25 pounds.

The sides of the units also allow you to coil your hoses to each side so they’re easy to store away when you’re done. When you disassemble this for storage, even the trigger hand has its own compartment.

This unit comes with the convenient “total stop system” that turns off the motor when you let go of the trigger. The connections are also robust as they’re made of copper, unlike other models that use leaky plastic connections that don’t last long.

This model is essential for residential users who need a pressure washer that can do light to heavy-duty tasks. This has nozzles with low enough pressure so you can use it for your car, but the maximum pressure can really go a long way in removing stubborn stains. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • You can use this for a wide variety of cleaning tasks, from your car and driveway to your furniture.
  • The copper fittings are excellent since the plastic alternatives are so frustratingly inadequate, leaky, and fragile.
  • You have storage compartments for everything so that you can store this easily enough.
  • It actually looks nice. Other models seem like parts of machinery you see at junkyards.
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • The customer support is superb, and they’re perfectly willing to replace a unit if you’re unsatisfied.


  • Don’t expect too much from the 2200 psi pressure. That still won’t compare to the power of a gas pressure washer.
  • The delivery may dislodge the extra nozzles from the holder.


Conclusion: The IVA-9175L looks great and works well, and it can last for a while. It’s easy enough to use that it makes cleaning fun, and it can be the only pressure washer you need.


AR Blue Clean AR383

AR Blue Clean AR383 electric pressure washer

The AR Blue Clean touts the AR383 as the clearly better alternative to using a traditional garden hose for backyard cleaning tasks. It creates 30 times more pressure than a garden hose, yet the AR 383 uses up only 20% of the water you consume when you use a garden hose.

What differentiates the AR383 from many of its competitors is that it comes with a variable lance spray. Instead of having to change the nozzle tip to get a new kind of spray, you simply need to rotate the nozzle tip. That allows you a wide range of spray types, from a sharp pencil-point spray to a wide fan.

The 1900 psi and 1.5 GPM produced by the 13-amp 1.5HP motor and the tri-axial pump is strong enough to remove dirt. But it’s also gentle enough that you can use this safely on your vehicle without damaging the car paint.

For even tougher stains and dirt, you can attach the Turbo lance that boosts the cleaning power by another 50%. This model only has 2 lances, but since one of them is adjustable then you only need 2 after all.

It’s very easy to set up and use. You just get it out of its box, and then you attach the handle and put it in the hose reel on top. Attach the garden hose to the faucet, and attach the 20-foot high-pressure hose with your preferred lance. Plug-in the 35-foot power cord to a 3-pronged outlet (with a ground) and pull the trigger to begin your cleaning task.

This is equipped with the TTS (total stop system) that shuts off the power automatically when you stop pressing on the trigger. This also comes with a 14-ounce (0.4L) detergent container that attaches to the unit. Also, it has onboard storage compartments for your accessories.

It’s easy enough to pull this along with you since the power cord is very long. It has rear wheels and a handle, and it only weighs 27 pounds.

It comes with a 1-year “bumper to bumper” warranty, and the customer service is topnotch. Unlike other customer support departments, it’s US-based.


  • It’s powerful enough to clean dirt and mold without being too strong that it will damage car paint.
  • It’s not too noisy at all.
  • It’s easy to set up and very portable too.
  • With just 2 lances and an adjustable nozzle on one of them, it’s very easy to use. You don’t need to keep changing the wands or nozzles for various tasks.
  • The manufacturing company is based in Italy and they have 58 years of experience building pumps. However, their US products are serviced right here in Minnesota.
  • It’s CSA International-certified for safety.
  • The customer support is superb.


  • The plastic fitting for the garden hose is subpar. It tends to leak a lot, which is probably why you have an option here to buy the unit with an extra brass pipe and hose fitting.
  • The detergent tank is a bit too small at just 0.4L.


Conclusion: Many of us like to use electric pressure washers to clean our cars and furniture, but we may not be too sure if the high pressure may be too strong and cause damage to our possessions. If that’s your main concern, then the 1900 psi of the AR383 is just right for your recurring tasks.


GreenWorks GPW1501

GreenWorks GPW1501 electric pressure washer

Image Source: Greenworkstools

At first glance, the GPW1501 isn’t exactly impressive. It doesn’t offer much when it comes to pressure, it doesn’t come with a built-in detergent tank, and you also have to carry it since it doesn’t have wheels at all. Yet for many, it’s actually ideal for their needs.

Let’s first tackle the brand issue. It’s true that the GreenWorks brand isn’t exactly a household name. But it’s not some hole-in-the-wall brand at all, since it’s a member of (and the GPW1501 has been certified by) the Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association. This is an organization that has independently certified that the claims regarding water pressure (psi) and water flow (GPM) are actually verified.

It’s also true that 1500 of pressure doesn’t sound like much, and it’s certainly insufficient for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. But it’s enough for light and even medium-duty tasks. It’s certainly safer to use to clean your car since the pressure won’t be strong enough to damage the car paint.

The lack of wheels is explained by the fact that it’s really designed as a handheld model. It’s very compact and you carry it from one spot to another. That shouldn’t be too hard since it only weighs about 17.5 pounds. Also, the hose is 20 feet long and the power cord is 35 feet long. It will accept your garden hose so you can get a steady supply of water.

It also comes with 2 different nozzles (25 and 40 degrees) that you can connect easily enough. These nozzles are attached to the side of the unit for convenient access when you need them.

Your purchase also comes with a GFCI power cord, along with a low-pressure soap dispenser. It doesn’t have a built-in tank, because again—it’s only for mostly light-duty tasks!


  • It’s very light.
  • It works well enough.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • The water pressure is strong enough to get the grime of driveways but gentle enough for cars.
  • The customer support is terrific.


  • It does come with a rather off-putting “cheap feel” to it.
  • It tends to leak.
  • You can’t expect to use this for heavy duty cleaning tasks.


Conclusion: This is an alternative to bigger pressure washers that may be too big and too strong for certain light duty tasks. It’s meant for simple cleaning jobs, and it’s a great supplement for your bigger electric pressure washer. You just use this for a simple job instead of hauling out the bigger and heavier model.


Electric Pressure Washer Buying Guide

A pressure washer is basically a combo of a water hose and an air pump. The air pump makes the water go faster through the water hose so you get more pressure and greater cleaning power. At the end of the hose, you have a water gun with a trigger you pull to mix air with water to come out of the nozzle with force. In the case of an electric power washer, that air pump is powered by electricity when you plug it in an electric socket.

Here are some factors you need to focus on when you’re buying the best electric power washer:

  • Power rating – For electric pressure washers, the power rating is in amps. You also need to check the GPM rate (gallons per minute) and psi pressure output. The best electric pressure washer isn’t necessarily the most powerful. The pressure can be too much, that it can damage the item you’re trying to clean.
  • Pump type – If you’re looking for the best electric pressure washers, you may find axial cam pumps as your better choice. They’re more affordable, simpler to use, and require very little upkeep. However, commercial enterprises may have to go with the more costly triplex pump that works more efficiently and lasts a lot longer.
  • Durability – Some affordable pressure washers don’t last long, and they’re not meant to be used for many hours every day. However, these should be good enough for DIY-ers who use the washer every week or so only. More expensive commercial models, on the other hand, are designed for many hours of daily use.
  • Accessories – Many washers have several nozzle tips and wands so you find the right pressure level and type of flow for your cleaning task.
  • Ease of use – The washer should set up easily, and it should offer too much difficulty when you’re using it. It should come with a soap detergent tank as well.
  • Safety features – You should also look for thermal relief systems and unloaders that reduce the heat and pressure buildup which can damage your pressure washer.

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Final Words

Electric pressure washers are great for many light-duty cleaning tasks. You reduce the noise and air pollution while you go about with your cleaning tasks, and they don’t require too much effort to use. Some are fun enough to use that teens can look forward to cleaning tasks as fund adventures instead of chores.

Just find the best electric pressure washer for your cleaning tasks, and you may even find yourself looking forward to your next cleaning task!

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