Avanti RA7316PST 7.4 cu ft – Budget Apartment Size Refrigerator

If you are looking for a budget apartment size refrigerator, you can consider Avanti ra7316pst 7.4 cu ft refrigerator model. Though it is one of the most affordable 2 door apartment size fridges out there, it does not require you to compromise in terms of reliability, flexibility, noise, efficiency, or layout. The Avanti 7.4 cubic feet refrigerator is about 21.75″ inches wide and needs a very small footprint. Furthermore, the fridge is packed with exciting features discussed in the Avanti ra7316pst review below.


The refrigerator is adequate for a family of two; however, it depends upon the type of food you are going to store in it. The adjustable/removable glass shelves can accommodate round and unevenly shaped stuff as well. For instance, to store a gallon of milk, all that’s required is to remove the top two shelves. Avanti ra7316pst comes with 3 door adjustable bins.

The freezer section is divided into two compartments by a wired shelf. One full-width door bin can hold up to 2-liter bottles. The refrigerator comes with Ice Cube Tray but there is no can holster. It also lacks an egg tray. The door of the refrigerator can be reversed. You can refer to Avanti ra7316pst manual to find how to reverse the door. The height of the refrigerator is around 55”. However, if you need more space you can consider Avanti FF116D0W 11.5 cu. ft. Frost Free Refrigerator, White which also has two adjustable glass shelves. It comes with an auto frost-free feature. Like Avanti RA7316PST, it also has a top-mounted freezer.


If you’re concerned about storing frozen food, the freezer in the Avanti RA7316PST is just as wide as the fridge itself, which is an added advantage over smaller, partial-width freezers with many other models. The unit comes with leveling legs.

The Avanti ra7316pst doesn’t come with an auto frost-free feature. According to the Avanti product description, you don’t require to defrost the refrigerator as the ice depositing on the inner back wall is defrosted whenever the compressor is not working and water drops are accumulated in the drain pan which sits above the compressor, from where it evaporates.

avanti 7.4 cubic ft.refrigerator

Temperature control

The refrigerator comes with manual temperature control. There is only one temperature control for the whole fridge. No separate temperature control for the freezer. Similarly, it comes with only one compressor. Avanti ra7316pst runs on electricity and not on propane. However, you can use it for camping as well. In case, you are looking for a compact fridge that runs on gas, you can consider SMAD Gas Refrigerator, 3-Way Absorption Refrigerator, 40L.

There is a thermostat knob to control the temperature. You can select from position”1″ to the warmest to “7” the coldest. You need to set the 7th position when you turn the unit for the first time. After 24 to 48 hours, you can adjust the temperature control as per your need, however, the company recommends “4 or 5” for home or office appliance use.


Other Features

There is an interior light that switches on automatically when you open the door. The refrigerator comes with a platinum finish with black trim. However, if you want a white exterior, you can consider the Avanti RA7306WT Model. Other than color, it is the same in size and has similar features.

Pros & Cons


  • The refrigerator comes with adjustable shelves and a door bin which helps in storing uneven products.
  • It has reversible doors, so a Left-handed or right-handed opening is your choice.
  • The temperature control is quite simple.
  • The fridge is energy star certified.
  • It is also ADA compliant.


  • No Auto frost-free feature is available with this refrigerator. But you don’t really need an auto frost-free feature with a kind of refrigerator where ice deposited on the inner wall melts when the compressor is not working.
  • The main drawback with this refrigerator is that it doesn’t come either with a soda can holster or egg trays.


If you are looking for an Avanti ra7316pstis manual you can get it here.

Why should you consider this product?

Most refrigerators at this price are atheistically similar, for instance, Danby DPF073C1BSLDD. However, Avanti ra7316pst is our favorite, and reviews from different users suggest it’s least likely to have any defect.

Final Verdict

Avanti is a well-known brand for compact refrigerators and mini-fridges; Avanti ra7316pst 7.4 cu ft refrigerator is not an exception. It is a pretty simple unit to operate and runs very quietly. Adjustable door bins provide flexibility. You can easily store tall bottles and find vegetables in crisper with glass cover.

Avanti RA7316PST 7.4 cu ft Refrigerator Final Review

  • Review By Gizmo Freakz


Design 90%

Features 92%

Performance 95%

Energy Consumption 92%

Price 90%


Avanti RA7316PST 7.4 cu ft is a great value for money apartment size refrigerator. Easy to install, with great performance & low energy consumption.

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