Anker Powercore 10000 Review

If you are looking for something that has a small footprint but loads of power to boot, the Anker 10000mah portable power bank should be on your wishlist. This is a pocket-sized powerhouse (no pun intended) that will power up your gadgets and gizmos in no time. And it’s small enough to slip into the teeniest corner of your tote.

It’s not uncommon in technology to find a little-known brand that comes up with a beast of a product. But when it comes to power banks, there is no room for mediocrity. The Powercore 10000 comes from the stable of Anker, who is considered to be at the forefront in the industry. This, clubbed with an 18 month warranty assures you about reliability.


Anker Powercore 10000 Design

Image Source: Anker

Out of the box, you can’t help but be surprised at its incredibly small footprint. The Powercore 10000 is just 92x60x22mm and weighs a measly 188 grams, reinforcing the company’s quest towards portable devices. You can slip it into your pocket and you won’t even feel it’s there.

At a time when an accidental nudge can send your powerbank crashing across the floor, it pays to opt for a durable choice. The Anker Powercore 10000 is housed in a tough plastic casing and features an all-black matte exterior. Nothing fancy, but very effective.

Four LED lights on the top of the housing work as indicators for a low charge. On the connectivity front, there is a single USB (Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatible) and a Micro-USB slot on either side.


Anker Powercore 10000 Review – Performance
Image Source: Anker

The Anker Powercore 10000 is designed to charge your device fast. The Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 translates into lightning-fast charging times for compatible devices (Look for QC3 compatible models). And it’s not a notch better than the average power bank charging speed either. Your Smartphone or tablet will charge at least 4 times faster. Any QC3 compatible phone gets up to 80% charged in just 30 minutes. Thankfully, Anker 10000mah retains most of its charging speed even for non QC3 compatible phones, thanks to the PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies, which auto-adapt the charging voltage according to the connected device.

It has a very fast refill time too at 2A (10W). However, an otherwise flawless design is let down a tad, due to the lack of pass through charging. In simpler terms, if your power bank and phone are both out of juice and you have just one wall socket to utilize during your travel, you cannot charge the power bank and use it to simultaneously charge the phone. Anker claims that this feature can be detrimental to the longevity of the device.


The average efficiency of the Powercore 10000 is around 70%. For users with low-end Android phones or an iPhone, this converts into three to four, full and fast charges, which is excellent. However, if you have a more recent QC3 compatible device, then it most likely powered by a 3,000mAh battery. This would mean that you can get two full charges out of the Powercore, which is not bad at all considering that these phones have significantly longer-lasting batteries, to begin with.

Standout features: Despite having an innocuous appearance, the Powercore 10000 is an ingeniously designed power bank. Anker throws in everything that it’s got in terms of components. You have a chip from Sony and power cells from Panasonic working in synergy to deliver outstanding performance. There is a definite emphasis on product safety and the Anker Powercore 10000 portable charger includes a bevy of safety features including Short circuit protection, power overload recovery, and output current stabilizer.


The Anker Powercore 10000 vs. Other 10000 mAh Power Banks

With a flurry of products in the 10000 mAh range, the Powercore 10000 has no dearth of competitors. But this superbly designed package outscores most other brands by miles. The only worthy competitor, being the Xiaomi 10000.

It’s a close call, pitting these two against each other.

The Anker Powercore 10000 is geared towards performance and has a smaller footprint. The Xiaomi 10000 on the other hand scores on aesthetics. It is as close to an Apple product as it can get.

The Powercore does not support pass-through charging whereas the Xiaomi does. The performance and charging times are almost identical. Xiaomi has a competitive edge when it comes to pricing too. What appears like a Xiaomi show all around, is slightly deflated by the durability and the reliability that comes from an Anker product.

If I were to choose among the two myself, I would go for the Powercore 10000 because it is backed by one of the best technical teams in the world. Not to take anything away from Xiaomi, but Anker holds the edge in customer ratings.

Pros & Cons


  • The smallest power bank in the 10000 mAh range, only slightly bigger than a credit card
  • QC3 compatible for extremely fast charge time
  • Superior components
  • A bevy of safety features
  • Pocket-friendly price tag


  • Lack of pass-through charging is the only inherent flaw in this masterfully designed product

Should you buy the Anker 10000?

With the features that it boasts of, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better power bank at this price point. The Xiaomi comes across as a worthy contender. But lags in customer ratings. Anker is clearly the better choice.

Final Verdict

The Anker Powercore 10000 is compact, lightweight, fast and safe. That’s a package that’s rare in a market dominated by gimcracks. Club it with a ridiculously low price tag and you have a no-brainer decision. Grab this one for the upcoming Christmas season. Will keep you going through your Pokemon hunts and makes one hell of a gift too.

Anker Powercore 10000 final Review

  • Review By Gizmo Freakz


Design 70%

Features 80%

Performance 80%

Efficiency 95%

Price 81%


The Anker Powercore 10000 is compact, lightweight and affordable. A great product that is quite pocket-friendly with fast charging. A perfect gadget gift item that will bring smiles to your near and dear ones’ face without even pinching your pocket.

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