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How to Use an Air Compressor as A Pressure Washer?

Multitasking has taken over the present workplaces, and tools that can multitask have become the new dominant factor. Thus there has been emerging a new trend of converting the existing air compressor as an air compressor pressure washer.

The pressure washer is a mechanical sprayer that uses high pressure to remove paint, grime mold, and other dirt from the surface and is often used for car washing. On the other hand, an air compressor transforms power into potential energy stowed in pressurized air; it is a pneumatic device, to be precise.

While decluttering the storeroom or the garage, we often have multiple items like holiday decorations, garden or car-related tools, and different basic stuff. Bundling up multiple items into a single one would always be a wise decision, and so is converting the air compressor into a pressure washer.

It saves space and money at the same time!

Can you convert an air compressor to a pressure washer?

The specific answer is yes, to an extent. But while converting the existing air compressor into a pressure washer, some extra attachments such as a spray gun and garden hose must be removed.

The “to an extent” refers to the pressure difference outcome. Most pressure washers come with a pressure output of between 750 psi (pound per square inch) to 3500 psi, and it can go up considering the model type.

With a standard garden hose, an air compressor can provide 40 to 50 psi pressure, and in extensive cases, it can go by 100 to 200 psi but not more than that.

To intensify the pressure, one can focus the stream on a particular area or use narrow nozzles. Anyhow, the outcome won’t be as satisfying as an electric or gas pressure washer.

However, these two items have similarities regarding the functional parts. The air compressor has a direct drive motor, an engine, an air tank, and an air pump. And the power washer has an engine, electrical power system, nozzles, valves, and spray gun. In both the machine, the pressure outcome can be regulated as per the need.

Best pressure washer attachments for air compressor


One of the bestselling spray guns in the E-commerce sites at present and mostly is in demand due to some luxurious features and up to 4000 psi pressure. It also can be used as a heat gun as it works both with hot and cold water.

M MINGLE pressure washer attachment for air compressor

The adjustable gun length is quite an attraction to customers. The gun length can be adjusted in three positions; 40 inches, 25 inches and 8.8 inches. So it is totally up to the users whether they want it to be a short or long gun.

This heat gun fits both electric and gas pressure washer with M22 14mm or M22 15 mm fittings. It also features Universal 1/4″ quick connect, which allows it to be connected with a wide range of accessories.

This spray gun comes with 5 spray nozzle tips to intensify the multitasking. The nozzles can be angled in 0, 15, 25, 40, 65 degrees. So whether you need to wash stubborn paint from the surface, wash cars, or water the plants, choose the nozzles accordingly.

The handle design comes with a comfortable grip for easy operation. Also, there is a trigger lock option so that users can easily handle the water flow.

Guardair Pneumatic

This extensively durable spray gun is a go-to pressure washer attachment for air compressors for those who aim for more intensive purposes. Tasks such as degreasing car engines from solvents and oils or coatings and insecticides are performed with perfection with the Guardair Pneumatic.

Guardair Pneumatic pressure washer attachment for air compressor

The cast iron body comes with a 1/4″ FNPT inlet to be connected to the compressed air source, and there is also a PVC feed tube along with a brass sinker.

Moreover, it can deliver 16 gallons of water per hour which is appropriate for heavy-duty tasks. The nozzle tip can be adjusted to control the water flow and pattern. Thus users can use it for multipurpose cleaning.

Also, it has Classic+ pistol-grip style handle to keep the operation process extremely easy. The 12-inch extension keeps it easy to reach the hardest nooks and crannies. It features a hanging hook for convenient storage.

Turbo Jet

Turbo Jet claims to turn any garden hose into a pressure washer without any extra manual effort. Customers just need to click the garden hose, and they are all set against grime, mold, and dirt on any of the surfaces.

Turbo Jet pressure washer attachment

It is lightweight and economical and knocks off the bulky, expensive power washer with its mighty performance. Moreover, the design is user-friendly and effective.

It comes with an adjustable hose nozzle valve to dominate the pressure and force of the water for utmost convenience. It is extremely versatile and includes Turbo Jet, one fan spray, and one jet stream nozzle.

Turbo Jet steals the show with stainless steel finished design and durable aluminum construction material when it comes to durability. It also features premium quality brass fittings. You buy it once, and it will serve you nearly for a lifetime. Moreover, the sturdy finish also makes it capable of heavy cleaning.

It has a built-in pressure chamber to convert normal airflow into a more powerful jet stream. Thus, it is apt for cleaning anything literally; second-floor windows, decks, and mud cakes on any surface.

How to use pressure washer attachment for air compressors: Step by Step Guide

A conventional nozzle or spray gun cannot provide water pressure compared to traditional pressure washers (not even the one with the least quality). Thus we have picked the above-reviewed attachments that will multiply the pressure of the air compressor. The combination unit will ensure maximum water pressure.

Necessary Items

  • An air compressor
  • A faucet outside the house for enough water supply
  • A spray gun with two inlet facilities (M MINGLE/ Guardair Pneumatic/ Turbo Jet)
  • A standard garden hose

The Step by Step Process

  1. First of all, check the gauge so that the air compressor has at least 30 psi pressure. Less than 30 psi Pressure won’t provide enough water flow.
  2. After that, connect one side of the standard garden hose to any spray gun and the other side to the outside faucet.
Note: For M MINGLE spray gun, if the garden hose has 14 mm inside diameter with M22 14 mm fittings, you can connect it to the garden hose directly. But you would need the brass coupler between the gun and the garden hose if the garden hose has 15 mm inside diameter with M22 15mm fittings. While using the Turbo Jet, you can connect it directly to any garden hose.

3. Now, attach the air hose to your preferred spray gun (M MINGLE/ Guardair Pneumatic/ Turbo Jet). Ensure it has sufficient air pressure.

Note: Attach the lower inlet of the spray gun to the garden hose and the upper inlet to the air hose.

4. Once you are done with all the connections, turn on the faucet and pull the spray gun’s trigger. If everything goes perfectly, you will see water coming out of the spray gun. To regulate the water pressure, adjust the gauge and spray gun’s trigger. And you are all set to enjoy your very own air compressor pressure washer.


What is a good PSI for a home pressure washer?

PSI for a home pressure washer

A home use applicable pressure means doing nothing aggressive rather than some modest furniture or surface cleaning. For example, 1300 to 2400 PSI (pound per square inch) is considered appropriate moderate cleaning yet is powerful enough against the toughest stains on vinyl, wood, or concrete surface.

Though pressure washing is extremely tempting as it claims the least manual effort to clean your home, you must be concerned about the psi while using power washers. Unnecessary high PSI can lead to damage to the wood and vinyl exteriors.

The same goes for the furniture. Again, even a pressure washing within 1900 psi is suggested to maintain the durability of the furniture.

How do you use a pressure washer air hose?

A man cleaning a bike with pressure washer

Air hose transports compressed air from the air compressor to other units. For example, the pressure washer air hose connects the attachments, such as spray gun nozzles, to the air compressor.

The compressed air passes pressure through the air hose, and the nozzles release high volume water. In short, a pressure air hose is a connecting element between the spray gun and the air compressor.

Is 100 psi enough for an air compressor?

For light to medium flow, 70 to 90 psi is excellent for an air compressor. But for heavy-duty flow, psi within 100 to 120 would be OK. Anyhow, 100 psi is quite a satisfactory rate for any medium to heavy-duty task. But, of course, there are also other factors that one must consider, such as CFM, the tank volume, and air fittings.


Bulky equipment like power washers tends to occupy garage space and storage areas, and no wonder none of us want so. So the idea of having multiple tools wrapped in one is quite a win to overcome storage struggles.

Though an air compressor pressure washer may not be as effective as the original pressure washer, the mentioned attachments in a combination unit with an air compressor can work wonders.

By Following the steps correctly and using the right pressure washer attachments, acquiring the same water pressure as an electric or gas pressure washer is not impossible any longer.

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