500GB or 1TB SSD: Things to Know Before Buying

SSDs are an essential upgrade while remodeling your laptop. The ideas behind the update are plenty. Users can boot the PC faster, smoothen gaming, extend storage, and accommodate heavy software using SSD.

You should determine the SSD size you want to go with based on your usage.

Here in this article, I’ll cover all the aspects of these products along with our verdict to help you lock your purchase decision.

500GB and 1TB SSD Comparison table

For comparison purposes, I have selected two SSDs by the same company and compared their features. Here’s the table



Made by Crucial

Made by Crucial

Digital storage capacity of 500 gigabytes

Digital storage capacity of 1 Terabyte

2.5 inches form factor

2.5 inches form factor

SATA 6.0 GB/s Hardware interface

SATA 6.0 GB/s hardware interface

Write speed (sequential) 560 MB/s

Write speed (sequential) 560 MB/s

Read speed (sequential) 510 MB/s

Read speed (sequential) 510 MB/s

Write speed (random on all files) 95k

Write speed (random on all files) 95k

Read speed (random on all files) 90k

Read speed (random on all files) 90k

Suitable for performance-oriented PCs with decent gaming performance.

Suitable for heavy gaming, editing and stuff.

AES 265 bits hardware with Micron 3D NAND

AES 265 bits hardware with Micron 3D NAND

Five years limited lifetime warranty

Five years limited lifetime warranty



The main difference is the storage. By the product’s name, you can guess that the 1TB offer double the space compared to the 500GB.

As a casual user, everyone opts to go with the 500GB SSD because, without heavy storage need, the functions are somewhat identical.

Having extra storage at your disposal is a huge plus. You can store more and don’t have to do the drill of deleting stuff whenever you want something new there.

Function-wise, this storage is also less power-consuming than the traditional HDD.


It is a proven fact that the SSDs are way faster than the HDDs. They are still some fictions that the higher storage the SSD has, the quicker it is.

I’ve used the 500GB for over three years, and the speed seemed very good for me. But then I ran out of storage space and installed a 1TB SSD. The speed didn’t fluctuate as both the product were from the same company.

Write speed and read speed was identical in both variants

So, What I found is when you are comparing these two SSDs from the same company, you won’t see many variations in speed.

Best suited for

500GB is a good enough space for your PC if you are a light user. You can store pictures, videos and play games with no lagging. But you’ll run out of space soon as the files will pile up.

For the long-term solution, you will have to opt for a 1TB eventually. This SSD is considered powerful enough for almost anything—relentless gaming with the luxury of operating heavy software. You can store your favorite memories, vintage songs, and movies without worrying about deleting stuff.


Higher storage capacity comes with a higher price. So, it will cost you more to get a 1TB SSD.

SSD price was much greater just a few years back. This performance-oriented technology has been in such a demand that everybody wants a piece of it. So, the price eventually came down.

While you get double space in 1TB compared to the 500GB, you don’t have to pay double the money. This fact makes the 1Tb more lucrative than it already is.

Is it worth changing 500GB to 1TB?

While doing regular tasks like browsing, moderate gaming, you’ll get top-class performance from both products and hardly notice any difference.

But with the 500GB, you’ll soon require an additional drive as you’d want to store your document, photos, and videos.

Games today like modern warfare, call of duty, even FIFA takes up a massive amount of space. So, the 500Gb might seem congested.

You would want your drive to be working without being fully occupied, right? You’ll get that luxury with the 1TB storage.

The price segment also suggests that the upgrade is not necessarily a rip-off relatively economical. You get twice the storage with the 1TB SSD, but you don’t have to pay twice for it.


A few years back, SSDs weren’t as affordable as it is now. The need for SSDs is proving to be very major. With all the discussion above, you should always buy according to your usage and budget segment

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