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    I am absolutely loving the Alta. I used the Flex before. I was looking for a simple tracker, which is great fitness tracker and, overall, I’m pretty satisfied!

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    best fitness tracker

    Now we arrive at the serious trackers. Like gym rats themselves, they don’t accept compromise. Just as a stray donuts might throw off the professional trainer, so too will a missing feature or bad user interface ruin an otherwise excellent fitness device, and these trackers know it. Experts praise all four devices for their combination of basic tracking and advanced features, each of which provides special reports, such as sleep time or sleep quality. As in fitness, however, getting the last 10% right is just as tough as nailing the first 90%. Experts dock the Lark Life and Withing . Pulse for a few design shortcoming while the Jawbone UP’s limited syncing capabilities detract from an otherwise standout device. Finally, the once-chisel ed Fit bit Flex has begun to show its age next to its younger, more agile brother, the Fit-bit Force.


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